How To Become More Attractive To Hispanic Consumers

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Today’s topic will be about the importance of putting out your content in Spanish so as to reach more of those Hispanic consumers that are waiting to be served with your products and services.

What's going on behind the scenes of these communities when it comes to putting out content that is really relevant for you?

In the last article, I mentioned what happens if you just translate your content into Spanish, and how that is not enough. 

The reality of the copywriting world or the marketing world rather is that you need to connect emotionally with your audience if you want them to take action.

We’ve mentioned that all of your content should be aimed for people to take action.

How do you create content to connect with your audience?

You need to connect emotionally with them so that they will be inclined to buy your products and services before someone else’s.

According to the experience Simon's summer National Hispanic consumer study of 2011 50% of Spanish dominant Hispanics, meaning people who speak mostly Hispanic, or Spanish in their houses, agree that a very important thing for them is to see a company advertising in Spanish.

You’ll probably wonder why and the reason for that is because it makes them feel like the company respects their heritage and business.

On the same study, 54% percent of Spanish dominant, Hispanic, feel much more loyal to companies that show appreciation for their culture by advertising in Spanish.

Advertising in Spanish is always better…

Now,  when it comes to advertising in Spanish, you have a lot of options. There are traditional means, which are radio and TV. And the most updated method, (which is the key), a lot of Hispanic consumers are in social media. 

So, if you can combine these different sources of traffic, there will be different sources of potential customers. 

You may also combine that with the fact that your advertising in Spanish from the emotional connection perspective. In consequence, your brand, and your business immediately will become more attractive to these communities. 

That means that you can win their business while your competitor will not.

Applying to reality ...

Let's see a real example, I'm consulting with a client right now, and I'm helping them building an agency. 

And one of the things that comes up all the time, is that we are doing a lot of lead generation for the agency. 

We had to hire Spanish speaking or bilingual salespeople, bilingual account managers, and bilingual media buyers, which are the people that implement all of the advertising for the agency. 

And the reason why is because we're seeing that at least 30 to 40% of the leads that are coming in are only people who speak Spanish.

So, they want to advertise their products and services in the US in Spanish. 

And in order to do it, you need to understand how language works, how people communicate, and how attractive your market and your business can be if you decide to go ahead and start creating advertising strategies in Spanish, which are not necessarily the same advertising strategies, that can be created in the English language.

They have a solid strategy on social media, for instance, Facebook and Instagram, predominantly. That's why their brand became much more attractive to these communities.

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