How the Game has Changed for Facebook and Instagram Ads


Not long ago, things went like this:

You had an Instagram or Facebook ad, and you’d send people to an opt-in or a free PDF.

After that, you had an offer for your potential clients and then, if they wouldn’t buy it, you just send thousands of emails…

If you’re still doing it, let me tell you…

It does NOT work as well as it used to…

Instead, you need to have in this mind:

The NEW Way Of Advertising On Facebook And Instagram.

Stage# 1 – Awareness

This stage is about putting out good valuable content and using the targeting capabilities of Facebook and Instagram to actually get people to know us and be aware of our business. 

Why? Because people just don’t know who you are… 

This is considered as COLD traffic

Stage# 2 – Engagement

In this stage, you’ll need to put out additional quality content that will help people achieve their desired state. 

You may want to share more videos, or images so people start interacting and reacting to that content.

Plus, this strengthens the bond you have with people in your newly created audience.

This is considered as WARM traffic.

Stage# 3 – Offer

Now that people are aware of your existence, they have engaged with your content and they know that they have a problem which can be solved by what you offer…

In this stage you may want to offer something for them.

Low dollar entry offers work really well.

Webinars or other opt-ins also work really well.

This is called HOT traffic.

Have these three stages in mind to turn those potential leads into customers while creating lots of good-will at the same time!


What is going on everybody? The topic for today is how to advertise your business on Facebook, on Instagram effectively. In other words, how to make your campaigns that you're running on Facebook or Instagram or a lot better.

What's up everybody, I just recorded a new class, it will show you exactly my steps so that you can actually take your Facebook and Instagram ads to the next level. All you need to do is go to advertising class 2020. If somebody will type it in the comments, I would really appreciate that. 

And advertising class 2020 is completely free. All you need to do is to leave me your name and email so that I can send you the classes on demand. You don't need to wait 10 minutes, two hours tomorrow afternoon. You can watch it right now and then we'll show you how to make your Facebook ads and Instagram ads work better. I hope that you enjoyed it. 

Now, the first thing that I want you guys to understand is how the game has changed for Facebook ads and Instagram ads over the past couple of years. Okay, this is what we used to do. When we were starting out, when we were starting out, we'll have an ad, we have a Facebook or Instagram ad. 

And then we have an opt in offering some sort of free PDF free stuff free, webinar free, whatever. And then we would have an offer. And then if people would invite who was just like bombarding them with 1000 emails. This was the modus operandi if you would have most of marketers that I know but I've had the honor and the pleasure of working with a lot of high level top tier marketers and people that are thought leaders in this space. 

And I did the math. And last year, I spent $7 million in advertising. And I want to share with you guys how this has changed from what we were doing here to what we're doing right now. Okay. You have any comments, feel free to post them on the comment section. You know, I'll be more than happy to help you guys out to answer all your questions. Okay, cool. 

So now we have three stages of every Facebook campaign that I launched, from now on or before the past, I would say six to seven months, this has been the best way to go. By far, this has been the way that we are having the greatest results. So there's three stages that you want to have in mind in any of your advertising campaigns, specifically, if you're running ads on Facebook and Instagram, stage number one, it's the stage that we call awareness. 

Okay, so this stage right here, the awareness stage is where what we're doing is we're putting out good, valuable content. So let's say that you're a gym owner that you need more people coming through the door, you need more students, or you own you know, dojo and martial arts school in MMA school, or maybe you need more leads for your webinar funnel or you need more leads. 

For your application funnel, whatever that is, right, the first thing that you always need to have in mind is that the vast majority of people do not know who you are, they haven't heard about you, they're not even aware of your existence, okay? And that happens to all of us. 

Even if you have been advertising for the past 20 years, there will be people that do not know who you are, and new people are coming in the marketplace every year. Okay. So this is also known as cold traffic. 

Again, they do not know who you are. So with the awareness stage, what you're doing is basically put really high quality content and we put it out there and we use the targeting capabilities of Facebook and Instagram to actually get people to know us and be aware of our business. 

So then we move into the next stage, stage number two, which is engagement. Okay. The engagement stage is where people are really engage with what you had to offer or they have engaged and now they are aware now, by engagement , I mean, you put out more quality content, you put out additional quality content that will help you and it will help people achieving their desired state. Right. 

So you put out more videos, you put out many more images and all of that, that will allow people from the to go from stage one to stage two from awareness to engagement, right. 

And this is also considered warm traffic, cold traffic number one, warm traffic number two. 

So here, you're trying to make people aware that you exist here, you're trying to get people to engage. And number three is where the rubber hits the road. Now, this is the offer stage, okay? 

This is where most marketers and entrepreneurs will focus only on the offer stage. Now, there's nothing wrong with this. 

This is where you make your money and when you get your leads, but there's a problem with Facebook and Instagram is that you will harvest all of the low hanging fruit for your audiences.

And then you will start having results they might have this might happen to you in the past that maybe you launch a campaign. And you know, we worked for a couple days, and then it stops working, this is what happens, you are going for the kill. 

Again, you can do this. But there's only so many people that need your product right now. And this is why this is considered hot traffic because they know that they have a problem. They are aware that you exist and they want to solve it right now there's just shopping for an option, right?

So what happens is that you want to go ahead and offer them a, an offer right or send them with an offer, that could be a conversion, that could be something for them to opt in for free or your webinar or your e commerce product, or again, you know, download these coupon and get free a free dessert on your next visit. 

So that's where the offer comes to play. But what happens is that this is people that are ready to and willing to buy right now. While here you're building all of these folks that are going to go into your offer, let's say three to six months from now. 

Okay, so these are the three stages that you want to have in mind. When you're trying to get people to buy your products, and this is the new way of doing things, and now here on the offer, you can send them to an opt in, and its interests interested or you can send them to an opt in or to a webinar and whatnot. 

But the quality of your list, the quality of the people that you will be doing business with is much higher than before, if you were just go in for the kill with the offer. Okay, so I hope this makes sense. 

Again, I explained much more in detail all of this, and the advertising class 2020. So if you go to advertising class 2020 dot com, you will be able to get access to this free training that is just put together, I send it to my list. People loved it. And I hope that you love it, too. Alright guys, thank you for joining. 

Thank you for hanging out with me for a little bit. I hope that this is helpful. If it is, go ahead and share it. Go ahead and comment below. Let me know your questions. I'll see you guys really really soon next week. Bye bye.

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