3 Myths That Are Keeping You Away From Hispanic Consumers

Hey everybody, welcome to another post. I'm Hernan Vazquez and I wanted to share with you the tools that you need to grow your marketplace and your market share in the Hispanic communities, which by the way, are hugely underserved.

In this article we’ll explore:

Three myths that make you lose potential sales from Hispanic Consumers.

Most entrepreneurs think that they need to reinvent the wheel…

This means that they need to come up with new products and services all the time if they want to keep on growing their revenue.

However, I discovered, while coaching and consulting with some other clients, specifically from a digital marketing point of view, that you could double or triple your sales if you target these communities specifically in the US.

This also applies to Latin America, and in some cases Spain. But we're talking mostly to the US and there's a reason for that…

Myth #1

Most entrepreneurs think that translating their content from English to Spanish is all they need to open their business to Spanish speaking consumers.

In other words, they think that translating their content from English to Spanish, whether it is their website content, emails, ads, or advertising, from English to Spanish, should be enough. 

This is a big trap that a lot of entrepreneurs fall into because they don't understand the nuances of the language. 

Nowadays, we can count on Google Translate, or our phones, that will allow us to translate our content. 

Nevertheless, that doesn't necessarily mean that the content of our message will be well understood and will be effective. 

In other words, if you really want to connect in an emotional level with these communities, you would need to hire a marketing firm or a translator with some marketing expertise that will help you to craft a powerful messaging to this community. Because translating is not enough.

Myth #2

When looking into Hispanic communities, most entrepreneurs that are trying to captivate them, think that Hispanics are all the same. 

And the reality is that people living in the US come from many different backgrounds…

They come from a lot of countries in Latin America, Spain, etc., and each country has its own traditions. 

For instance, I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and we speak differently than someone from Medellin, Colombia. These differences need to be understood when expanding your business to the Hispanic market.

Myth #3

I just read an article on Forbes, which indicated that 90% of Hispanics consumers will stream video on either a smartphone or a tablet. That is 10% more than non-Hispanic consumers. 

In consequence, you can keep on promoting your content through traditional avenues and traditional means

However, have in mind that the type of advertising that’s working right now to get you English speaking consumers might not work to get Hispanic consumers. 

This does not mean that your product is not working…

It means that you need to do some adjustments to your marketing and your messaging so that it fits into that particular demographic.

In conclusion…

All you need to do is to have in mind these three myths which are pushing you out of this market and which make you being away from potential Hispanic consumers.

Now, if you're already successful if you're already selling your products and services and you are willing to target and reach out to Hispanic communities to expand your business…

Let's talk!

Until the next post!

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