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On this video, we’ll find out how you can get unlimited lead magnets ideas. I suggest two ways of doing it. Let’s see them briefly:

Two Main Methods

1) Ask method: Ask your audience what they are struggling with and make a lead magnet around that. You can ask to your list, in discussion boards, forums and Facebook groups.

2) Research method: Leverage the power of magazines to get an unlimited supply of lead magnets ideas. Follow these steps:

a. Go to Google Images (images.google.com)
b. Search for a magazine about your niche (for example “Dog Training Magazine”).
c. Write down the ideas that you get from this on a spreadsheet.

This will give you an unlimited supply of lead magnets ideas since you are using your audience or magazines as inspiration.

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Hey everybody what's up? On this video, let's find out how you can get unlimited lead magnets ideas.

Hey guys what's up, Hernan Vazquez here and welcome to another video and thank you once again for the support, the comments, all of the good stuff that you guys have been giving to the channel. So I really appreciate that and I wanted to thank you guys for that, and thank you for all of you guys that got a copy of my book the, How To Get More Clients Without Spending More Money On Advertising, book, and for all of the reviews, I really appreciate that.

If you want to get a copy, there is going to be a link somewhere around here, maybe in the description below or maybe somewhere popping out around here that will take you to the book sales page where you can get it. It's really inexpensive, and it's a digital copy so you can download it, and it's pretty cool.

But today, what I wanted to talk to you guys about is, how to get unlimited lead magnets ideas. This is a question that I get a lot, okay? “How can I get lead magnets ideas that will actually … They will actually talk to my audience and what not?” What I want to show you guys today is basically two ways that you can use, that you can apply after we're done with this video.

Actually, you can apply them as we go through this video, which is pretty cool. Two ways that will allow you to get unlimited, I'm not kidding with unlimited lead magnets ideas. So let's jump right into it. Let me get the good old markers here, because we need to use the board of course.

So the number one way that you can use to find unlimited lead magnets ideas is the good old ask way, which basically means that you need to ask your audience what they are struggling with.

Now if you already have some audience, if you already have some subscribers already, you can just send them an email saying, “Hey, what's your number one challenge when it comes to whatever your niche is?” Right? I learned that method from Ryan Levesque with his book, Ask, which is really, really good and I really recommend it. The number one question he would ask is basically that.

So, “What's the number one challenge that you have when it comes to training a dog, or when it comes to growing your business online, or when it comes to turning more leads into clients?” Etc., etc. So that's the number one way that you can use, right?

You can use it right now by just emailing your list. If you do not have a list, you can just go ahead and post that question on a Facebook group or a LinkedIn group or a discussion board, etc., etc. That will give you a lot of lead magnets ideas, okay? Because people will actually tell you what they are struggling with, which is pretty cool. So the number one method is simply ask.

Another good way of using this method is by having some sort of Google form or whatever or survey on the thank you page. So if you already have a lead magnet and a funneling place … For example, I have a webinar funnel right now, and on the thank you page I will ask you this question. Because I'm always trying to ask you guys what are you struggling with? So I can help you guys.

So basically, number one, ask them, ask your people, ask your followers. Or if you don't have followers yet, you can actually go ahead and post it on discussion boards, discussion forums, on Facebook groups. Just ask this question, “What is the number one challenge that you have when it comes to X?” Right? Then you can have potentially unlimited lead magnets ideas. But that's step number one.

Now step number two, which is the one that I personally use a lot, I do use the ask method a lot thanks to Ryan Levesque, by the way, but the number one method is a method that I really, really like. It's the method of research. Now here's the thing, stay with me because I'm going to show you guys a really cool technique of how to actually go out there and research a market, right? So that you can get unlimited lead magnets ideas.

Now what you want to do is to … You know, this has like, I don't know, probably two, three steps. Let's say that it has three steps. Step number one is to go to Google Images, okay? Go to images.google.com, let me put it here, images.google.com, okay? Images.google.com. You can actually open a new tab right now as we go through this so that you can do it with me. So you go to images.google.com, that's step number one. Step number two is to actually search for a magazine about your niche.

So let's say that you are into the dog training niche. So what you would do is to put on the search bar: dog training magazine. Okay? So you would actually put this on the search bar: dog training magazine, or, I don't know, marketing magazine, or fitness magazine, or weight loss magazine, or diabetes magazine. Whatever the niche you're in. Okay? You want to put this in images.google.com.

Now, the Google Images will come back, and somewhere around here is going to be an actually print screen, screenshot of what it comes back with. So you have the Google with the bar right here, and then you have all of the covers of the magazines, right? If you zoomed them, meaning if you click on them and you zoom them, you will see that each of these magazine covers has tons and tons and tons of different leads magnets ideas. So I'm going to put just one here so that you know exactly what I'm talking about.

So for example, you can see that there's a lot of leads magnets ideas. You know, how to be stronger and faster. Or the seven day abs, etc., etc. So as you can see, those are examples of great lead magnets that you can use right now.

Now here's the thing, why is this method so effective? Because the reality is that you buy a magazine based on the cover, right? You don't wake up a day and say, “Oh, damn, I need more magazines.” You don't wake up and just say, “I need to go out and buy more magazines.” What you wake up is with a problem, right? You get up in the morning with a problem in your head that doesn't let you sleep, and you keep having that problem in your mind.

Now, what these guys are doing, the magazines, they have full on staffs of people that will actually go ahead and dedicate 24/7, not 24/7, but 8 hours a day, Monday through Friday, to brainstorm actual leads magnets ideas. Because you want the magazine to talk to you, right?

So if you go out there and you search for health magazine, or fitness magazine, or women fitness magazine, the niche is better or, I don't know, embroidery magazine, whatever niche you're in, you will see that there is a ton of magazines that you can use to have unlimited leads magnets ideas, and then you just need to write down the ideas, right?

So once you do this, the next step, I told you guys that there will be a step number three apparently. So the next step would be to write them down. So write down the ideas that you get from this method, and that way you will have a lot of inspiration in order to get your next lead magnets.

Again, these guys are actually out there, you know, they're brainstorming, they're probing, they're asking, and they're coming back and they're coming out with a lot of these magazines ideas, which I think is pretty cool, right? So there you have it, number two is research, the guru way of doing research. I'm not asking you to go ahead and spend countless hours doing some research and a buyer persona, whatever. No, you have this handed out for you.

Number one is ask. Just ask your people what they're struggling with. Those are usually the best lead magnets. Now, some people will ask me when I share it with them, these techniques, “Well, what about the copyright?” There's no copyright involved here because all you're doing is to use this method to actually have ideas and inspiration, right? So you write them down and then you have it, 1,000 or unlimited, like literally unlimited lead magnets ideas for your business, whatever that is. All right, guys?

So this is just one tidbit and one tip that I want to share with you because I see that a lot of you guys are struggling with this, and this is pretty cool, and this is a technique that I use a lot when I'm short of ideas. I usually get a lot of feedback from you guys so I usually don't do this route anymore. But when I was starting out I definitely would go ahead and do this, and I think it's pretty cool, right?

So I hope you like this kind of videos. If you want more just leave a comment below. Again, you can come and join the free Facebook group. It's again, completely free. You can come and ask your questions. We touch base on these topics and a bunch of other topics.

If you still haven't got it, go ahead and get my book. It's really, really inexpensive. It's a digital format, so you don't have to wait for the mailman, which is pretty cool. I hope that you guys start your 2018 with a bang. All right, guys? So thank you once again for watching. I'll see you on the next video.

Bye bye.

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See the full video here: How To Get Unlimited Lead Magnet Ideas

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