Hey, everybody! On this video, I want to show you how you can grow a Facebook Group to get more sales and more revenue for your business!

Time needed: 15 minutes.

Three steps to growing your Facebook Group:

  1. Stay active:

    Post on your Facebook group everyday to get people engaged with it. This will help fostering a community and people will start interacting sooner or later. It also increases the reach and gets your more engagement, which triggers the next step. social media marketing

  2. Welcome new members:

    Welcoming members is a great way to get people to interact, introduce and even include a couple of call to actions! onboarding

  3. Optimize for keywords:

    If you combine step number one which is being active and step number two, actually, engaging with the community, step three is kind of an automatic process which is showing up on Facebook search. That’s why you need to use keywords on your titles and descriptions, depending on your niche. keyword optimization for facebook

By practising these three steps and  as long as you have this on the top of your mind you will be able to grow your Facebook Group.

You can watch the full video above or read the transcript below.  Also view how to make $100 a day.


Yeah, what do you mean I wasn't invited to the party? Like seriously, I'm one of the most popular group, foster, marketer that's alive. Haven't you heard? Yeah, I have like 3, 000 people on my Facebook Group.  Also view my funnel hacking guide.

If you're feeling a little bit like this, that you need to be growing a Facebook Group in order to grow your sales, and grow your business, lets talk about why that probably doesn't work, alright? Yeah, yeah, I just … I don't wanna go to your party anyway, so [inaudible 00:00:31] yeah. I'll see you.

Hey what is going on everybody welcome, this is Hernan, and welcome to another edition of Why I Am Not One of The Most Popular Marketers on Earth, and that's completely fine as long as I'm making money, so, on this video, I wanted to talk specifically about Facebook Groups, and how they seem to be all the rage, and they seem to be the hitting key or the magic bullet for, in order to grow your sales and grow your business.

And why that probably is not the case after you know grow in a couple of groups to 7, 000 people, and also if you wanna really see the behind the scenes, and actually what I'm doing to grow my Facebook Group, you should join. You know that, that saying that you should actually go ahead and test something before you actually, I don't know the saying, but you should actually join the Facebook Group to see if what I'm talking is real or not.

In fact, what I'm saying is, do not trust anything that I'm saying on this channel, just go out and test, and joining the free Facebook Group can actually be a great test for you, and also I would suggest that if you wanna learn more about marketing, how to grow your company or leads, how to get more sales online, you should definitely consider a thing about, you know ponder if you would subscribe in to this channel, okay? There's a big red button somewhere around here so you can subscribe to the channel or you can leave a comment if you are seeing this somewhere else that isn't YouTube because sometimes, it happens to get shared on some other places.

Now, with said, let's talk about Facebook Group and what is the main point of Facebook Groups and how you can actually grow a Facebook Group should you decide to do so having in mind these three little things. The first thing that you need to consider is that a Facebook Group is not a sales channel. A lot of people, and you can generate sales through a Facebook Group, but, as any kind of group, the main point of a group is to foster a community, and to foster engagement.

Now, the good news is that, A, of course you can generate sales because that should be your main objective or one of your main objectives, but, B, and this is really important, you can control the conversation. If you think about it, there're some topics around your industry and your niche that are constantly being talked of, about, and you have the power of kind of steer the conversation, or kind of put the conversation in a place that will for some reason, way shape or form will link it back to your brand and to whatever you're doing.

Lets that right now, Bitcoin is still [inaudible 00:03:17] right, and Bitcoin and marketing are really hand in hand because you know Facebook has developed some new, they banned Bitcoin, but now they're bringing it back, so, how do you control the conversation? Well, a couple of things that you could do is to start questions and answers when it comes to that specific niche, so you kind of become the foster of that conversation.

You become the referee if you would, of that conversation. You do not become the owner, but you do become a really important influencer on that specific topic and conversation, so if you think about it, that could be a really powerful position to be in, even further if your group grows bigger and bigger throughout the day.

With that said, Facebook really loves Facebook Groups, you know it's from Facebook, but also LinkedIn and some other places where you can actually foster a community, now, again, if you're trying to be pushy and salesy, it's like Gary V says, “Jab, jab, jab, right hook.” You need to be jabbing all the time on the Facebook Group, and then once in a while you can right hook. Why?

Because the reality is that, when you're trying to sale and push your products, and push your crap on the Facebook Group, people will not pay attention to it. Maybe you've seen those Facebook groups that you enter and there just full of spam, and they're posting links left and right, and nobody gives a shit, probably they're like 30, 000 people in that group, but none of them are engaging? It's because, A, people have lost interest on that group.

And B, the reality is that Facebook has demoted the reach of that group because it's just full of spam, so stay away of those groups, from those groups. Don't go into them. It can be dangerous, and they're can be some STDs hanging out, so don't do it, trust me. If you really wanna grow a good Facebook Group where people engage, and where people are fostering a community and what not, here's some simple three way tactics or three simple tricks that you can apply today in order to get that going.

Strategy number one is to actually be active on a group. I know that kind of, it's kind of obvious, but, if you're applying the way the [inaudible 00:05:27] works is that if you're planning to have a really powerful community you need to be active in it pretty much everyday until other people start interacting with it, right?

I talked about on this video, I talked about how to get your engagement back, and how the [inaudible 00:05:41] work, the Facebook algorithm work, so that it will show your stuff to more and more people, and this is for groups as well. If you wanna check out that video that will really help you out to understand how the Facebook machinery works , so that you can actually get more organic reach with your group, which means that more people will start seeing them on their timeline.

Because at some point Facebook groups were all the rage and people like, if you had 3, 000 people, or 5, 000, or 10, 000 people on that group, everyone will see your status updates. This is not the case right now because of course Facebook has become a page of play space which is great, but now, the reach of the Facebook Group has diminished considerably. If you check that video out, it will actually help you getting a little bit of that which that … We used to have that, so you can actually get a growing community.

Number two is kind of applying the same techniques that I show on that video, asking questions, right? Welcoming members. You know there's this feature that's native to Facebook where you can just welcome members in a new post on the Facebook Group, so you just click on the Welcome New Member, it will tag everyone in that group, and then if you check on that group, on my group, you will see how I'm welcoming members.

You can see the copy, and you can see the logic behind it, right? And, you can also see what's going on when it comes to actually welcoming members which is pretty cool because you can actually modify that to kind of suit your needs, and I have a lot of people engaging just from that post alone. I have one of my PAs going there and posting, welcoming to the groups twice a week, and people are engaging a lot and that fosters a lot interaction for whatever it is next.

Number three, if you combine step number one which is being active and step number two, actually, engaging with the community, step three is kind of an automatic process which is showing up on Facebook search. My group is called Digital Marketing Strategies For Entrepreneurs. It used to be called something else, but I decided to add a keyword rich title, and a keyword rich description.

If you know anything about SEO, you will know that you need to add keyword rich titles and keyword rich descriptions, right? In order for your articles to rank. Well, Facebook has a search engine, a built-in search engine, and one of the things that they look for are of course key words of the titles and descriptions, but also engagement, so, if your group becomes active by the sake that you're sharing good content, by the sake of that you're asking questions, by the sake that you're welcoming members, your group will start showing up more and more throughout the day.

As you can see, I'm asking questions on screen. You should be able to see a screenshot where I'm asking questions, and I don't know, for the past two, I would say for the past four weeks, everyone that is showing in the group has been doing it through search, so, if they search for entrepreneurship, digital marketing, strategy, entrepreneurship strategy, digital marketing strategy, so, all of the combinations possible you can think of, they're all on that description and that title, so have that in mind.

There you have it guys, if you know 100% for sure that A, Facebook owns your group, you do not own it, Facebook does, you just manage it. B, it's a place to fostering community and control the conversation, and C, you can actually grow your group by getting engagement, by asking questions, by sharing good value and also by welcoming members and striving to get on top of the search, you will be able to grow a Facebook Group really, really fast.

Then extra pro tip, I would say that just add your Facebook Group pretty much everywhere, on the signatures of your emails and your team. You can also invite people from your automations like they download some stuff. If you download the free chichi's that I always offer, you will see that I have call traction's for the group, because you know, I just add them. It's free, and people will actually click on it and a lot of people will jump from the chichi, so that's something to have in mind as well.

There you have it guys, as long as you have this top of your mind you will be able to grow your Facebook Group and let me know what kind of results you are having with growing a Facebook Group and I will be more than glad to read your comments. I read every comment. I reply to all the comments, and sometimes I ban comments that I just deem that they are worth banning like, “You're full of shit.” I would just probably ban you, but if you say it from an educated perspective I might let it go. Who knows? Right? What don't you try it so … Anyway guys, thank you for watching. I'll see you next time. Bye Bye.

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