How to Use your Past Facebook Campaigns to Lower your PPC and Get More Leads

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Hey guys!

Hernan here again with you.

And over the past couple of months since I've been diving deep into Facebook Ads and PPC, I've realized something.

Unless you already have a established name or brand out there, your ads campaigns on Facebook start really slow.

And by slow I mean reaaaalllyyy slow.

You might get a click here and there, and you'll be most likely paying a lot for those clicks.

Sometimes not even your entire budget will be consumed in one day.

And there is a reason for that.

Besides Facebook being Facebook and showing to the user the things he or she are most interested on.

You still might haven't cut through the noise.

You need that awareness to have great results with Facebook ads.

And that's where your past Facebook ads campaigns come into play.

Let's see these 3 steps on how to leverage on past Facebook campaigns to increase awareness and gain more leads.

Step 1: Be Patient

Again, let Facebook be Facebook.

I happens to many marketers (including myself) that they usually pause a campaign just because it's not yielding results at 48 hours.

Or the clicks/conversions/engagements are too expensive.

Pausing ads that are not performing as well is OK, but leave your campaign run for a while with minimum budget and see what it becomes.

I've had several Facebook campaigns that started being expensive and as they become more viral, the price decreased immensely.

So be patient, let Facebook optimize your ads and keep working on your offers.

As Facebook ads move forward and more people are sharing your stuff, your campaign will become more and more optimized.

And this works for Adwords PPC as well.

Let it run for a bit.

Facebook Ads Cost

Here is an example of how time affect conversions and click costs.

Step 2: Be Consistent

The secret to leverage on past Facebook campaigns is consistency.

And by that I mean that your brand should communicate always the same.

Even if you are pushing different offers.

Take a look at the colors, the fonts, the look and feel of your ads.

Make them match with your logo and your website.

Make the transition from the ad click to the optin to be as smooth as possible.

The trick here is to create awareness and cut through the noise.

That's why your current Facebook campaigns will perform better than your past ones.

Because you are creating awareness and brand.

Step 3: Be Willing to Test and Tweak

Once you have some actual data on your campaigns, be willing to test.

Test different approaches, different copies and images.

What I usually do is to setup a simple ad with my copy and wait at least 24 hours to clear with the Facebook ads policy team.

If I have a green light, then I add 5 more images to the same ad, same copy, same title.

After 48 hours I pause the worst performing ones and stick to the image that's converting better.

Then it's time to split test the title of the ads, then the copy, then the Call to Action, etc.

You need to dedicate one hour or so a day, every day, to tweak your ads and make them easier for your audience to click on them.

This works if you are building your email list or you are bringing people into a webinar.

The process is always the same.

And be willing to track conversions across the funnel.

Conversions and Funnels

But more on that later 🙂

I hope it really help you guys!

Don't forget to comment and share!

Have a great day.



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