The Truth About Getting Agency Clients

Hey everybody! In this video I wanted to show you how you can keep your clients for longer and make them pay you more money.

Two main steps to get agency clients and keeping them for longer:

1-  Show them results FAST: Create a landing page so that you can control where the traffic goes. You can use ClickFunnels or any type of landing page builder for that matter. The main point is that you use this for step 2.

2-  Pay for advertising: The fastest way to give a client immediate results is to invest some of the money he’s giving you into paid advertising. This method is an excellent way of getting a lot of traffic immediately to your client’s funnel.

I hope that you can apply these steps to grow your business and keep your clients longer and paying more!

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Oh, wow. I just got a new client. Oh, I just lost it. Oh, there comes another client. Oh, he just canceled. If you're feeling a little bit like this, when you're literally bleeding clients, let's talk about that, shall we?

Hey guys, what's up? Welcome to another video. I'm Herman Vazquez here and on this video I wanted to tell you guys how you can keep your clients for longer. It's a really simple two step process that will allow you to get your clients happier and give them results fast, so that you can keep them for longer.

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Now here's the thing with clients, you'll be probably feeling like this. You probably land a new client, you get a new client, whatever that is, if it's a Facebook ads client or an SEO client, or a social media managing client, or a sales funnel client, and you do the happy dance. You probably take the dinner out. The wife out to dinner. Or maybe you just bought the new bottle fuel of Fad that just came out, I'm just saying, it's an example.

I'm not saying that I did it, but anyways, you get a new client and you're all excited, right? But then, you start working on the guy and you probably start seeing that it's kind of harder than you initially thought. So that's taking a little bit more time, and the guy starts getting a little bit impatient.  So, basically, how do you solve this? How do you keep clients happier, faster and for longer?

That could be one scenario. The other scenario is that you might get a bunch of clients, but then as you start progressing, you start capping the amount of leads that you can give to them, or the amount of results, and the guy gets 15 other offers a day, and they just leave.

So that's kind of a problem, client attrition, or turn over or client churn, that you need to always be fighting. So the main point of this video is to show you guys how you can actually number one, get your clients results fast, and number two, keep them for longer.

Here's the thing when it comes to social media managing, or when it comes to sales funnels and when it comes to SEO, anything that has to do with organic services. Not that much when it comes to paid services, but anything that has to do with organic services, there is a problem with clients because they hire you and they expect you to grow their Instagram profile, or their Facebook page follow up or their email list, or they expect you to do some SEO to bring local leads to their firm, or national leads, or whatever that is.

That takes time, but the guy needs to eat today. They need to start getting sales and customers and buyers right now. They cannot expect three to six months to actually your SEO campaign to work. They cannot expect for you to actually grow their Instagram profile to 10,000 people to have the swipe app ability, et cetera, et cetera.

What do you do on these cases? How do you give him results immediately? Also, probably these types of clients, the reality is that they might be burning the past. I've got a bunch of clients that they paid this amount of money to a company, and they achieve nothing. They were paying for three or six months and they achieved nothing, so they came with this baggage that you need to solve, because now they are your clients, and you need to solve it to be able to keep them for longer.

The way you do it is basically with a two step system that I'm going to share with you that I implement with any of my clients, no matter what kind of service they are after, and no matter what kind of status they have, like what kind of assets they have. If they have a website, if they have this Instagram profile, or that Instagram profile. This is exactly what I want to share with you guys today.

Step number one is to set up a landing page. It's really important that you can control where the traffic is going to. Now, maybe you get a new client and the website is a mess, it's not up to my store conversions, or you have, they have this funnel, but it's not working that well, so the first thing that I do is to create my own landing page for my own funnel for them.

The reason for this is that sometimes it's way easier to just start fresh than to grab somebody else's work. What I mean with this is if you're a web designer, you will know what I mean when you are trying to go in and change what the old designer or coder, you know the old coder or previous coder did, it's just a pain in the ass. Sometimes it's better, cheaper and faster to just start over.

Not only that, but also you have all of the processes in place, hopefully by now, to actually deploy landing pages really quickly. You have templates, so for example, if you're using click funnels, it will allow you to templatize pretty much everything, lead pages will do too. So basically it's just a copy and paste system that will allow you to have a landing page pretty much in one or two days.

So that's step number one. I always, always, always generate landing pages for my clients, no matter what they're selling. Like if they have a funnel that's already working and all we need to do is to send paid advertising to it, that's an easy fix. But, more often than not, that's not the case. I would say that's like 5% of the cases. The rest of the cases, the 95% of the cases that are remaining, they don't have a proven concept, or they don't have a proven funnel. They are selling, they want more sales.

So that's step number one. If I'm doing Facebook ads, if I'm doing Instagram ads, et cetera, et cetera, I do set up my own landing page. Again, I have my templates that work and they are being shared freely and openly in the Facebook group, so it will be a good idea if you want to get them, to join the free Facebook group.

Now step number two comes with paid advertising. Again, maybe they haven't hired you for paid advertising. Maybe they haven't hired you for paid advertising, maybe they are hiring you for SEO, maybe they are hiring you for social media managing or outreach, or whatever that is, and that's completely fine. But the fastest way to give a client results tonight or tomorrow or five days from now, is to invest some of the money that he's giving you, into paid advertising.

So, for example, on the Semantic Masters Mastermind, we advise our students to go ahead and buy some local PPC ads initially, just a small portion, to actually get the wheels turning. To actually get the clients some results immediately.

Because, if the guy has a big baggage of whatever has happened with the past guy, with the former guys, with the old guys, the previous guys, the reality is that you will solve that baggage immediately. That will trigger him to pretty much love you and make you, I don't know, a cake and send it over to your place and then tell all of his friends about you. Then maybe his granny will add you on Facebook because he's so excited to have you as his advisor or his marketing guy.

Again, guys, what clients are looking for, when they're hiring you, is not that you explain to them how you're going to rank them on Google, or how you're going to go ahead and get them better results, or what kind of metrics you're looking for. No. They're looking for two things. Number one is results, fast results. As fast as possible. Number two is to make their problems go away. At the end of the day, that's why they are hiring you.

They're not hiring you for the ride or for the plane ride, they are hiring you for the destination. That's what you need to sell. You need to sell the destination. The beach, the mountains, not the plane. Not the TSA screening. You need to sell the destination. You can do that real quick, if you A, have a process to give them fast results, and B, you have a way of getting a lot of traffic immediately to that funnel. That will make the guy trust you even more and they will stick with you longer, because you have proven yourself immediately.

So listen, I don't know what kind of service you are providing. Okay? A lot of people who come to this channel, they are agency owners, they're providing social media management service. I have a lot of SEOs watching this channel, I have a lot of Facebook ads.

The problem with paid advertising, or PPC guys, or Facebook ads guys, is that they're sending traffic to maybe a website, or maybe something that is not converting as well. In those cases, I still make my landing pages. Why? Because I know they convert. I've sent thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars of paid advertising to those pages, and I know that they convert. I know that they work. While I work on the rest of the stuff.

So this is important. You want to, number one, give them fast results so that you can, you know, the guy will love you. He will keep you forever. He will even try to marry you. Don't marry your customers, it's a bad idea. But, in any case, while you're doing this, you're buying time to go ahead and build whatever else you're doing. So, if you're doing an SEO campaign, you can develop your SEO campaign. If you're doing, I don't know, a social media managing strategy, you can go ahead and do that. If you're doing web design, you can go ahead and do that. The main point is that you give the guys results fast so they stick with you longer.

That's one of the reasons I have been working with clients for the past, I don't know, three years without any kind of issue because, number one, I prove myself almost immediately that I can give them results, even if that meant that I was investing some of the money they were giving me on advertising, that's fine.

Because that's an investment that will bring you a lot higher ROI, if you think about it, you're spending three hundred, five hundred bucks, of what they're paying you on ads, and if the guy keeps paying you, that's a higher ROI. So have that in mind. That's how the big guys think. That's how, you know, the big companies think. They want to give their clients results as fast as possible.

I hope that you enjoyed these kind of videos. Again, guys, if have any questions whatsoever, just put them on the description, not the description, you cannot access the description, unless you are hacking my YouTube account. If that happens, please stop doing it right now.

I mean put the, whatever questions that you have on the comments below, and, again, if you want to join a great community of entrepreneurs of digital marketers that are trying to grow their business day in and day out, go ahead and join the free Facebook group, It's completely free, and we have a lot of good people and a lot of good stuff going on in there. All right, guys? So thank you once again for watching and I'll see you next week. Bye, bye.

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