How I Grew My Email List for Free While Sharing Value (and How you Can do it Too)

Hey guys!

Ok so I've been doing this all funnels and list building for a while now and I wanted to share with you some strategies that I have personally tested, so that you can all build your lists of customers for free.

No, you don't need tons of experience and this isn't rocket science, either.

In fact, I'm neither the first one, nor the only one, talking about this (here is a cool Digital Marketer post about the process:

However, I've been proving this concept from the ground up over the past weeks and it works!

So here are my insights on it. I hope it helps you guys growing your business 🙂

How to build your email list

Email List Building: The Steps

Basically you want to lay it down like this

Traffic Source: This can be your Facebook Ads campaign, your SEO, your blog, your YouTube Channel, a Solo Ad, etc.

I will talk a bit more about my preferred traffic sources over the next few days, but I'd rather have a traffic source that I can control and scale at will (SEO, unfortunately, is not one of them).

Lead Magnet: I think that a good lead magnet can make or break your entire funnel.

I have tested this and the best types of lead magnets are the ones that have to do with Blueprints and Cheatsheets.

Remember this has to be short, solve a specific problem (like I talked on this post), and it's a great opportunity to start creating authority with your audience.

Tripwire Offer: Also called Self Liquidating Offer (by the boss of Mike Dillard), you want to have a low ticket product here that will pay for the entire show.

This should be something like a $7-$27 product that will help you build your list even further.

The tripwire must make sense with what you are teaching over the Lead Magnet, and it has to be the next logical step in your funnel.

I have tested $27 and $7 and my best price point is $17 (go figure! lol).

So let's make some numbers here

Say that you have an optin page that converts at 40%, which is totally doable and a sales page that converts at 3% with a $17 product, also totally doable.

List Building Tips and Tricks

Then you will send 1000 clicks to the optin page from your preferred traffic method:

  • 1000 clicks
  • 400 optins
  • 12 sales
  • $204 revenue
  • Max CPC to Break Even: $0.20

So now what you need to do is go grab all of the clicks under $0.20 you can possibly get!

If you target your audience correctly you can have targeted $0.10 clicks all day long on Facebook or Adwords.

All of the revenue generated by your Tripwire is then poured back into the Ads campaigns.

Imagine the possibilities if you get some organic traffic (which doesn't cost anything, just your time), or if your conversions rate go up by 1%…

You can build your subscribers list to 50k in less than 6 months!

Some further advice when it comes to Building your Email List

  1. Conversions rate are not only based on your landing pages but also on how well you are targeting your audience.
  2. Test, test, test. Depending on your audience, an SEO audit could work better than a cheatsheet, or a blueprint (thanks to Nicholas Kusmich here for the inspiration, he is a boss so go check him out).
  3. Don't bring traffic and call it a day! Deliver value, value and more value to your customers. Now that you have their email, you need to make sure you keep delivering!
  4. Your Lead magnet is like your business card or your handshake. Make sure it looks good and it has some valuable insight that you'd rather charge for.
  5. Split test your landing pages, your tripwires and your ads until you hit on the conversions rate you are comfortable with.

Ok guys hope it makes sense for all of you and helps you create a nice steady income of leads and money 🙂

Have a great week!


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