#FacebookZero OR How To Become The #1 Marketer On Earth

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What Is Facebook Zero And How To Avoid It?

Hey, everybody. On this video, you’ll learn how to survive the #FacebookZero algorithm change! If you’ve been hit by it, don’t worry. You’ll learn exactly what to do and how to prevent it from happening in the future.

The Three Most Important Things To Do Right Now

  1. Do not depend on one source of traffic: Diversify your sources of traffic as much as possible, so that you don’t get slapped next time.
  2. Get support from other marketers: You can join groups, masterminds or newsletters. As a marketer, it’s important to be always on top of things.
  3. Use the WHOLE Facebook Ads inventory: This also means Instagram Ads, Messenger Ads, Audience Network and a bunch of others.

Hope that this piece of advice helps you to expand your resources so that your business evolves.

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You can watch the full video above or read the transcript below


Hey, everybody. What's up? Hernan Vazquez here. I don't know why I keep yelling on these intros. For fuck's sake. Hey guys, what's up? Hernan Vazquez here. And welcome to another video. And everyone is freaking out right now. Everyone is freaking out because of the Facebook Zero thingy. And it doesn't matter what kind of advertising are you doing. I've been preaching a lot about Facebook advertising lately, and everyone and their mother are freaking out about Facebook Zero.

If you don't know, if you have been living under a rock or inside your freezer, what Facebook Zero is, is basically Facebook totally going down where the Facebook organic reach for pages. Okay? So if you were like this, depending on organic reach for Facebook pages, you're done. You're doomed. The sky is falling. Everything's going to … Everything's going to shit, or your dog is gonna die, et cetera, et cetera.

Of course that's not true. But everyone tends to freak out when something new comes to the market. I've been doing SEO for the past seven years, right? And I've been … I still do some SEO. I still have my team doing SEO for companies and whatnot. But the reality is that it did happen with the Facebook algorithm. And every time they launch a Panda, or Penguin, or Velociraptor, or whatever the new algorithm was, everyone was freaking out.

Now they're not announcing it. Does that meant that they're prettier and they're not updating their search engine? Fuck no. What they mean is that they're rolling out the algorithms slowly so that nobody can tell. Now, what happens with these kind of events is that in order for you to be safe. And in order for you to keep evolving, because that's the name of marketing.

You need to evolve. And in order for you to keep bringing in the money, and in order for you to keep acquiring customers. And in order for you to get results for your clients, you need to evolve. You need to be on top of things like this guys is right here, okay?

You need to be on top of things. Now how are you on top of things? How are you current to what's going on? And most importantly how you prepare. And if you couldn't prepare, how you evolve fast so that it doesn't matter what you do, you always come on top. So there's basically two ways that I can actually recommend with you guys, or recommend you rather, that you can actually evolve and you can actually grab this kind of news. And in 24 hours you are back on track.

Number one is by not depending on one source of traffic. Like it doesn't matter if you do a lot of Google, if you are getting a lot of organic. Even if you're doing a lot of AdWords, a lot of YouTube ads. Or if you're doing, I don't know, Facebook ads.
Whatever that is, depending on one source of traffic, it's lethal for your business. Like, [Dan Kenny 00:03:04] would, “One is the worst possible number that a marketing person or a business person could have.” If you only have one source of client, one source of leads, one source of traffic, you're fucked. All right?

So try to diversify that as much as possibly. That's why I'm really heavily investing on advertising on Facebook. But I'm also doing these videos. I'm also doing emails. And I'm also a bunch of other stuff like blog posts, and whatnot, okay? Because I want to diversify my sources of traffic. That's number one.

So number one, diversify your sources of traffic as much as possible, because again, you're running a business. You're not running a loophole. Because the moment the loophole closes, you're fucked. So you want to avoid that. Number one.

And number two, the best advice that I can give you guys is to join some sort of group, mastermind, newsletter, whatever you wanna call it. Like go to a meeting, like an in-person meeting with other marketers, entrepreneurs. Join a group of news. Be on top. Subscribe to newsletters. Be on top of your stuff. That is really important.

Even further, if you're doing any kind of advertising and marketing, right? Like for example, chatbots are all the rage right now. And I'm experimenting a lot with chat bots lately. But you won't find on CNN someone talking about chatbots until it's too late. When you find somebody on T.V. or you pick up the newspaper and you figure out that chat bots are all the rage, it's probably too late.

So how do you actually cope with all of this is by actually being on top the spear. Okay? Or spearheading, or don't sit on the spear. But the main point is that you want to be on the bleeding edge of stuff. The bleeding edge of whatever your market is. It doesn't really matter. If you're selling real estate, be on the bleeding edge of that. If you're doing, I don't know, consulting or insurance, whatever, be on the bleeding edge of that.

Now, if you're doing marketing, it's super important. And not only that, you have a moral obligation to be on top of your stuff, for your clients and for your partners, and for your employees as well. You need to be on top of your stuff. Not only because you will be more prepared and better prepared to whatever is coming, Facebook Zero, Velociraptor algorithm update.

That would be pretty cool for a name though. But it doesn't matter, right? You'll be on top of things. And if for some reason it surprises you, that's fine. Because you have the support that you need in order for immediately get back on track, okay? People that fail are the people that always stay behind, and they're not actually out there nurturing themselves with the latest information about the industry. All right, guys?

So I just wanted to make this quick rant. Number one, don't depend on one source of traffic. Please don't be that guy.

That Amazon changes its policies, or Facebook changes its policies, or Instagram changes the algorithm and you're fucked. Don't be that guy, number one. And number two, always be on top of things. Join a mastermind, join groups, join newsletter. I'm putting together a newsletter, marketing newsletter right now that's gonna help you achieve just that. It's gonna be super cheap. And I'm gonna launch it really really soon.

But in the meantime you can join the free Facebook group where I'm constantly helping you guys achieve what you want to achieve. Going live every day, adding snippets, adding tools that I'm using for increased productivity and a bunch of other cool stuff.

All right guys, so I hope to see you guys soon on the Facebook group. And remember, be on top of your game. Keep being awesome. I love you guys. See you soon. Bye-bye.

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