Hey, everybody! On this video, I want to tell you about Facebook Messenger Bots and if it is worth it to actually invest in them to grow your business.

Facebook Messenger Bots: Are They Worth It?:

1- Pros: You Can Get Higher Open And Click Rates: Rates will increase considerably with this platform as they are on Facebook messenger.

2- Cons: They Rely Heavily On One Single Platform: Emails are also important. If a Facebook Messenger bots doesn’t work correctly you won’t be able to talk to any customer. That’s why you should use emails as well and diversify your traffic sources.

3- Combine Them With The Rest Of Your Traffic Strategy: Plan them as part of the equation for your funnels. Emails could have lower open rates, but it's still the number one ROI platform in the world.

I suggest you to bear this in mind because the minute you're depending heavily on one source of traffic such as Facebook ads, Google AdWords, SEO or social media you're risking your business to being shut down by a third party company.

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What is the deal with Facebook Messenger bots, and how you can get them to work for your company. Let's find out in this video.

Hey, what's up guys? Welcome to another video. This is Hernan, and thank you for watching this video. Now, I wanted to answer the question specifically that I got the other day on my Facebook group.

Is it worth it to actually invest in a company that will develop messenger bot strategy for my company? Or, is it even worth it for me to actually invest time on figuring them out. So, in this video I just wanted to answer that.

Now, with that said, if you have these type of questions when it comes to getting more sales, getting more leads and whatnot, I strongly suggest that you join the free Facebook group.

It's 100% free, and we have a lot of good stuff going on. We have a lot material that I don't release on the YouTube channel. It's strictly for group members. And it's, again, free. You can join whenever you want.

Now, let's talk about Facebook Messenger bots, and what's the rage and whatnot. Now, the comparison that people usually make when going after a Facebook Messenger bot, or Facebook bot strategy is that they compare it with email marketing.

So some people, you will hear that they are saying, “Well, with Facebook bots I have like 80% open rate, and I have a 50% click through rate. And, if I send an email to the same people, then I would have, potentially, i don't know, a 15 or 20% open rate, and maybe a 5% click rate.”

So, if you think it like that, if you think that comparison, like Facebook bots are literally kicking email's ass. But here's the thing though, here's the big thing that a lot of people fail to see, is that Facebook Messenger bots, and any kind of bots for that matter are strictly dependent on that specific platform.

Now, what I mean with this is that when Facebook went through all the Cambridge Analytica and what not, they were actually conning API, or developer access to a lot of apps that were depending on that to actually function. And a lot of bots were impact directly from that problem that a third party [inaudible 00:02:19] had, which is Facebook.

So, I think it was for the span of a week or something, you couldn't actually create bots. You couldn't actually send messages. You couldn't do anything with your subscribers, and that's the main problem that I see with Facebook bots.

The fact that they depend so heavily on Facebook to work, because at the end of the day the data that you're collecting on those Facebook bots, the only way that you can contact those people is by A, sending them a message through Facebook, but also your depending so heavily on that platform that it's risky if you solely depend on that to bring traffic to your business.

Now, with that said, they can be really, really good, and they can be really profitable as part of the rest of the equation of your entire funnel. So, let's say that somebody logs in, your somebody signs up for a webinar, then you can send them a Facebook Messenger bot reminder, blah, blah, blah.

You can get them interacting before the webinar. And then, let's say that you're doing a Facebook Live shortly, you can let them know via the Facebook bot and whatnot. But, it needs to be encompassing the rest of the equation for your funnel.

Email Marketing

Because, at the end of the day, email could have lower open rates, click through rate, but it's still the number one ROI platform in the world, pretty much. So, if you're doing any kind of digital marketing, the first thing that you wanna do is to take them out of the Facebook bot, and put them into your email sequence.
That's easily done by Facebook lead ads. The Facebook bots will also help you with that. For example, one of my main sequences is inviting people into download the free cheat sheet, which is the perfect Facebook ad cheat sheet. There's gonna be a link somewhere around here.

So, you can download it and then immediately they go and obtain for oral responder. So, you need to take them out of the bot and put them into your oral responder. Now, you have two main ways of actually going ahead and talking to these folks.

So, the minute you're depending heavily on one source of traffic, no matter what it is, Facebook ads, Google Ads, [Google Organic 00:04:14], or Adwords, or Instagram, or your Messenger bot, you're risking your business to being shut down by a third party company, and you don't wanna be in that position.

Now, with that being said, there's also gonna be a link somewhere around here so that you can check my Facebook Messenger bot sequence. There's gonna be a link somewhere around here. It's gonna be inside the Facebook group, so if you wanna get it you need to join the Facebook group. It's completely free. And not only you will get that, you will also get a lot of other goodies, and a bunch of other good stuff.

And if you have any questions just let me know in the comments below. Please let me know. Please subscribe to the channel, or join the free Facebook group, and I'll see you guys on the next video. Bye-bye.

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