Edgerank Explained: What Is It And How Does It Work?

Hey, everybody! On this video, I’ll show you how the Facebook Edgerank work and how you can get your Facebook organic engagement back.

So if you’ve been struggling with your organic reach for your Facebook pages and your posts, here are some ideas.

Tips to get your Facebook organic reach back:

1 – Post Engaging Content: Do it on your group or timeline so that people will start engaging with it. Once they do it they you'll be reaching more people just because of the fact of the EdgeRank.

2 – Ask For A Comment Or Some Type Of Engagement: Doing this will engage in conversations and if you answer all of these comments, you’ll double your comment count.

3 – Post Consistently: This last tip it’s really important because if you post every day, people will start seeing your content and that's how you get your engagement back. Do not expect to make money immediately. For pages, the organic reach is less or lesser, but you can supplement this with some paid advertising.

Here are some live examples:



Having these tips in mind would help you to increase your traffic and definitely, you’ll get lots of leads and reach for free!

Now go use them and make some money!

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Hello there! Well, let me ask you a question right now. Do you know what's the difference between a duck and an almond? It's that no matter which one of those you chose to post today they're not gonna have any engagement whatsoever.

So, what do you do when your post don't get reach? What do you do when you're actually sharing something cool and nobody gets to them? Well, in this video, you're gonna find out.

What's up, my friend? Welcome. This is Hernan. I wanted to welcome you guys to another video. On this video, I wanted to show you guys real quick how the Facebook Mastermind work and how you can get your engagement back.

So, if you're a cheapskate, if you don't want to pay for advertising, if you're living on your mom's basement, and you're saving any penny and clipping coupons or whatnot, this video might be for you. You might end up dying a horrible death, but that's completely fine. This video will still help you get ahead.

Now if you're on the smart end of the spectrum, meaning you are actually investing on advertising, you know, that Facebook reach is kind of a bitch. In this video, I want to show you some really cool examples that I find out and figure out how to actually get more engagement so you can get a shit ton of leads for free. Yey!

Now with that said, here's the thing, if you're expecting to get the engagement that you used to have, I don't know, three years ago, that's not gonna happen. Okay? Because I really strongly believe that you need to invest in some way, shape or form of money on advertising.

If it is gold coins, or if it is, I don't know, Bitcoin maybe or old yens, or something, or salt maybe, just throw salt at the Manor and get paying for your advertising. Because once you learn this technique you will actually get bigger, better, and better effects, and you will actually start getting leads for free, which is pretty damn cool.

Forget about the old engagement, that's not gonna happen. But there's still some good stuff that you can get from this video. For example, I'm gonna share with you, there should be up on screen right now, if my editor got them right or if I send them right to my editor rather, you will see how I posted a couple of pictures with engaging content and whatnot and they got 300, 400, 500 comments. That's quite a bunch of leads and I didn't have to pay for them. How on earth am I pulling that off?

Now with that being said, if you really want to get more of these kind of tutorials, don't forget to hit the Subscribe button. It's right over there somewhere or just drop a comment and like this and share this video with somebody that wants to see it because I try to help as much as possible.

Also, you can join the free Facebook Group, which is again completely for free and you can see how firsthand I'm sharing these case studies with those folks out on the Facebook group. Because the people who are on the Facebook are on the Cool Kids Club and all of the rest are kind of the losers. If you join us, it's free.

You just need to ask a couple questions and drop a couple cookies in a jar that's there, and that's completely fine. You will be part of the Cool Kids Club and you will get all of this information, download it to your brain, which is pretty damn cool.

Now with that said, there's something called on Facebook that's called, for lack of a better word, the EdgeRank. The EdgeRank, it's where the engagement algorithm comes to play. I'm not a coder, I'm not part of Facebook Live, but I would guess that those folks over there are pretty damn smart. Okay? They're not stupid, so cut it.

The way the EdgeRank work is that potentially you are seeing it, and this also applies to Instagram as well, so if you want to grow your Instagram profile, this is a good chance. So you have potentially see how it works.

You see how when you're stalking your ex's pictures and you start going through your ex's pictures, not because I did it, just a friend told me, so you go through your ex's pictures and whatnot and then for some weird reason they start showing up more often on your timeline, right?

Or you go through some political debate and then you start seeing advertising, and then you just need to quit Facebook and go live in a, I don't know, in a tent in Kenya because you cannot stand what's on your timeline. Well, that, my friend, is your fault because you have made the EdgeRank really, really angry.

In all seriousness, the way the EdgeRank work is that basically you start seeing more and more of those stuff that you interact with. They also kind of spice it up a little bit with those friends that you haven't heard of in a while so they pop up from time to time in your timeline as well. That keeps the fresh factors going on the Facebook timeline as well.

Now if you think about it you probably have 100, 200, 500, 3,000, 5,000 friends right now on Facebook, there's no physical space for you to see all of the pictures, and all of the kitten stuff that they are sharing, and all of the political debate, and while I know that you're dying to get into that, there's no way for you to get it.

You only get those stuff that you're interacting most with. It doesn't really matter if they are personal profiles, this also applies to groups, and this also applies to pages as well.

The way you need to frame it is that you want to post engaging content on your page so that people will start engaging with it. You want to post engaging content in your group so that people will start engaging with it.

Once they start engaging it they will start seeing it more and more and more in their timelines and at the end of the day you're reaching more people just because of the fact of the EdgeRank and how it works.

Now with that said, what most entrepreneurs do is that they just post something that was really cool and really well-thought off and whatnot. Maybe they have been working on a post for a while on a video and whatnot and they see that they get zero reach and they say, “Fuck it,” they throw up their hands in the air and they say, “Goodbye. I'm going to get back to an 8 to 5 job.” That's not how it works.

There is this thing called consistency. I don't know if you have heard about it, but it's a pretty cool thing that you can actually apply to your Facebook Ads and to your Facebook engagement and reach, organic reach in general.

The way you do it is that you start small, you will start getting a couple of likes, a couple of shares, a couple of comments from time to time and whatnot, and then as you do it more and more you will see how these trends grow. Because Facebook knows that your content is becoming more and more popular, so it will share it with more and more people.

The way you can do this is, for example, write your blog posts on your Facebook timeline. If you have a commercial profile like I do or on your group, or even write your blog post in your Facebook pages as well, and just boost them with two or three bucks to your fans on likes and whatnot and you will see how that starts getting momentum so you can kind of get your reach back.

Now with groups, this is even more important because, I don't know if you have seen this, but group has been declining in reach because a lot of people are using for it business purposes just because, again, they don't want to pay for advertising.

So, this is even more important. If you're engaging the people in your group and if you're getting people commenting on your group and interacting and participating in a meaningful way, you will start showing more and more on their timeline.

Again, this is a slow process, it takes time but once you start getting that engagement you would start reaching more and more of your population, whether it is your group members or your friends or your fan likes.

Now here's a pro tip: you will also start reaching more people that you engage in conversation with. If you have noticed the screenshots before, I was just gonna put it here right again now. Thank you, Cesar.

As you can see here, the reality is that when I'm doing these comments and then I'm sending a PM, a private message or direct message to these folks, I'm also interacting and engaging in a Messenger conversation.

Now you need to paste it out because, I don't know the exact number, but every X amount of messages that you're sending Facebook will potentially trigger you as spam. It will spank you and it will put you to sleep and then it will spank you some more. Okay? So, have that in mind. You don't want to get your butt cheeks spanked or your profile spammed, so have that in mind. Don't do it.

The way I'm doing it is that I go through this, I make really engaging content for my timeline. I make people comment to get XYZ, they comment, yes, send it to me. I just PM that thing to them and that's usually a gateway to my Facebook group or some free lead magnet, et cetera, et cetera, and they're really happy and I am engaging with a conversation.

Now the next time I post, if I do this consistently pretty much every day or every other day, those people will start seeing my stuff. They will keep on seeing my stuff. So I'm always staying on top of mind.

So, you want to have that in mind. That's how you get your engagement back. Again, do not expect this to be like 2010 where you will just push a couple buttons and make a bunch of money, that's not how it works. For pages, the organic reach is less or lesser.

But if your content is really engagement, like, for example … Let me turn this back on. For example. I have this page that is about recipes and all of that I'm doing is to run engagement campaigns.

Every time I post something new I get like 50, 100 comments just like that. So, the reach is there, you just need to actually uncover it a little bit and be patient because these is an organic way of generating traffic and it does take time to snowball.

I hope this helped you guys. If you have any comments, any questions whatsoever, you can just drop them below. I'll do my best to actually answer them. Sometimes YouTube will now show them to me. I don't know why, because YouTube is being naughty.

But if you want to really have your questions answered, go ahead and join the free Facebook Group. There's gonna be a link somewhere around here so that you can come, ask these questions, you know, why my pages are not working, why my ads are not working, why my life is not working, I don't think I'll be able to help you with that. But I'll try to help you with anything else.

Don't forget to share this with somebody that needs to see it, okay? Somebody, that friend that has been banging his or her head against the wall and you're afraid that they may go into a coma and just tell him, “Hey, let's just watch Hernan’s video, you will get your reach back and you will stop bleeding from the forehead.”

Anyways, just medical advice, do not take medical advice from me, I'm not a doctor. Anyways, I hope to see you guys on the next video. Bye bye.

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