Easy $100 A Day Funnel With Low Budget Facebook Ads

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Easy $100 A Day Low Budget Facebook Ads Funnel

On this video I will show you how to make $100 a day with a low budget Facebook ad strategy.

I personally suggest three main tips to do this:

These are the 3 tips to create a low budget Facebook Campaign

  1. Create a video: Get one on Fiverr.com or record one yourself. 3-5 minutes long will do. The video has to be captivating to capture the audience’s full attention.
  2. Opt in page: Create a custom audience based on those video viewers (50%). Direct that custom audience to an opt-in page to capture traffic. Don’t sell them straight away.
  3. Thank you page: That’s where your product will be sold. You can create all of this with Clickfunnels so that you redirect to a Clickbank product or it can be a redirect to a Shopify store, etc.

Remember that if you want this to work, the video, the opt-in and the product need to be related. It has to make sense. Otherwise you’ll lose your audience.

So, I hope you enjoyed these tips and make a lot of money with them!

You can watch the full video above or read the transcript below

FULL TRANSCRIPT:                  

That intro is called pattern interrupt which means you guys are watching Taylor swift videos. Who can blame you right? But I want you guys to pay attention. That's why I'm trying to interrupt your pattern. Bam, you're being interrupted, baby.

Today we're looking at three pieces of content okay?                  

So this video, what you want to do, is you have a one to two minute video, related to the product here. So for example if you find a product, it can be a clickbank product or it can be your own product or an affiliate product that you're selling for someone else.

What you want to do is to create a video that you can get on fiverr.com. Okay, let me put it here. Fiverr.com. So you go to Fiverr.com. You order a video about this product. Now the video needs to be enticing. It needs to be sexy.

Not sexy like nudity, because that's not going to run on Facebook, so take it out of your head right now. But it needs to be enticing enough so that people will actually watch it. So a one to two minute video about this product right here. So again, if you're selling a survival product, you want to create a survival type of video.

And you've probably seen those type of videos like we all hate Trump. We all hate Hilary. It doesn't really matter. The point is that, that video will allow you to run video ads, or video view ads so that you can gather an audience.                  

So you will create a custom audience from this video. You will create a custom audience based upon 50% or 25% or even 75% of this video being watched. That's why you need to keep it short because you want people watching 50% of that video at least.                  

So what you do is, once you have this custom audience you need to send them to an opt in page. Why? Because you want to capture this traffic. You're going to be paying for this traffic, so you don't want to send them directly to the vendor.                   

You don't want to send them directly to the product page. You want to capture this traffic first. So the opt in should be something like, how to X without Y. So, for example, if you're selling a survival product here, and the video is about survival, the opt in should be how to survive, even when zombies attack, something like that.

So how to X without Y. So how to X without Y. Super simple. Opt in page, and I can leave you guys a page below so you can see what I am talking about when I'm talking about an opt in page. Now, once they opt in, the thank you page for this is going to be the product.

And you can create all of this with clickfunnels. So this could be an actual redirect to a clickbank product or it can be a redirect to a Shopify store that you own, that you do not own, but you decide to go ahead and create a commission plan for you. Or it can be a JVZoo product, whatever you're trying to do.

But, here's the thing. The video and the opt in and the product, they need to be related. You can not be pushing a survival product here and making a video about Hillary and make an opt in about dogs. You cannot do that. So if you're selling a survival product, that how to X without Y needs to be related to survival.

Now, why would you want to have an opt in here? Because again, you want to send emails to these folks. It can be emails to this product. Or it can be emails to another product. So if you find another product, you send emails to that, to that product.

So the video views ads and the opt in ads you're running on video view conversation campaign here and there are a conversion campaign here. So a video view ads campaign here and you're running a conversion campaign here, these are super cheap. If the video is good, you shouldn't be paying any more than one cent per a three second view.

Additionally, going to Facebook Hacking Live has brought inspiration to my work and motivation.

So have that in mind. Use this strategy. It's super simple. You can get everything on Fiverr.com. You can get your funnel main and clickfunnels and if you want to know exactly what kind of numbers you need follow in order to make real good money with this approach, you can download my free sales funnel calculator which is going to be on the description below.

It's completely free. You don't need to pay for anything. It's completely free, but you need to give me 10% of everything that you make from this funnel, which I'm joking of course. But anyways guys I hope this help you out and you can start making $100 a day easily with a low budget Facebook ad campaign. See you on the next video. Bam.

Learn How To Create Profit Loops That Bring Money Here!
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