How To Be More Creative And Productive By Actually Working Less

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Hey guys!

As you may know already I'm big into productivity.

On this post I mentioned 3 steps that I'd be taking to increase the amount of work I do and the results I get.

And today I want to add to that list.

Over the past year I've working out heavily.

I could say it's been an intense year on the physical and sports side of things.

And the results that brought into my business are plain amazing.

In fact, the better I feel, and the more I workout, the fastest my businesses grow. Isn't that cool?

On this episode I talk about that experience and how you can replicate it in your business.

Key Points of the Episode

  • Save one hour a day to workout or do some exercise.
  • If you are searching for some inspiration, step away from the computer.
  • Don't feel bad for not working that hour, you'll be reinvesting it back into your business tenfold.
  • Actually take care of yourself. You are your own productivity engine!
  • Implement doing some kind of activity 1 hour a day, during the next 7 days and report back with the results here.

And please leave a comment below. It'd mean a lot to me 🙂

About the Author Hernan Vazquez

Hernan Vazquez is a digital marketing trainer and consultant that built several 7 figure businesses from scratch. He specializes in helping business and students grow their online businesses through the use of Sales Funnels, Paid Advertising and Email Marketing.

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