How To Create a Lead Capture Landing Page on ClickFunnels – Step by Step

Lead Capture Landing Pages

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Step by Step Tutorial on Clickfunnels Landing Pages

Hey everybody!. On this video I am going to show you step by step how to create an amazing landing page so that you can start capturing emails and building your subscriber list today. Let’s see how:

Main steps to create a Clickfunnels landing page:

  1. Create an account on it’s the most simple tool for generating your first sales funnels.
  2. Click on “add new”.
    a. Select “Collect emails” – which is the simplest opt in funnel.
    b. Come up with a name for your funnel.
    c. Create a Tag and press “BUILD FUNNEL”.
  3. Pick a template for the opt-in and one for the Thank you page.
  4. Optin edition:
    a. Add your own LOGO.
    b. Change the appearance of the bar with: add color, fonts, buttons, etc.
    c. Introduce a Header: which should be strictly benefit oriented. And a sub-header.
  5. Set the button to get the free report that you’re offering. This will be the call to action.
  6. Link to your privacy policy: you have to tell people that your page respects their privacy (and it's mandatory for ads).
  7. Set up your is to set up your email autoresponder – Go to email and here you will put the HTML form.

So, those are the main steps to create your first lead capture page on ClickFunnels. I hope that this tip helps you a lot to build your email list.

You can watch the full video above or read the transcript below.

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Here, I'm trying to share some of my techniques and a ton of value so you can actually implement this with your business. The main point here is that I just want to put something out there so that you guys can benefit.

I want to show you guys real quick how you can actually generate your own landing page. I'm going to show you exactly how to generate that in ClickFunnels, which is one of my tools of choice. I'm also working with OptimizePress, with Instapage, with LeadPages, but this video is going to show you how to create your first lead capture, lead magnet landing page so that you can start building your email list right now. So, let's hop onto the computer. I'm going to show you how to do that right now.

Alright guys, let's talk real quick how to create your first lead capture, lead magnet page on ClickFunnels. This is super, super simple process, but it's going to help you a ton when it comes to building your email list, et cetera. This is the first option when it comes to actually generating your sales funnels because it's super, super simple. I'm going to show you what to do at a minimum.

So, head over to If you don't have an account you can get a free 24-day trial account, and then you can see what's going on, on this page. So, let's log in real quick. I'm going to log in so that you know what's going on. Let me log in on one of my ClickFunnels accounts. Then I'm going to show you how to create your first funnel.

Once you're in here, you want to add a new funnel. On the funnel, this is the goal that you want to pick. Let's pick collect emails because this is going to be the simplest funnel overall, so I'm going to click on collect emails. Then I'm going to name it something like Landing Capture or Email Capture Landing Page Example. I think I'm going to tag it as Hernan because I'm trying to keep everything organized over here.  Also learn funnel hacking.

And then I'm going to click on build funnel. So basically, what ClickFunnels is going to do is to do an email capture page, and then a thank you page. Those are the two pages of our funnel, the two pages that ClickFunnels is building right now. As you can see, we have the opt in, which is going to be your capture page, and then the thank you page.

Basically on the opt-in page, we're going to be offering our lead magnet, and then on the thank you page we're going to be telling them next instructions to follow. Something like; click here to download or check your inbox. That's probably what you want to do. You want to double confirm or double op in your emails so that people are actually opening your PDF or your lead magnet on their emails and not downloading them on the page after that.

So, first off what we're going to do is to pick a template for the opt in. As you can see, ClickFunnels has a ton of different templates you can use. Some are simpler, some with videos, so depending on what you want to do is the template that you want to use. You can also start with a blank template. But here, let's find something real, real simple so that I can show you real quick how to do that. Let's use this one.

Let's preview it so that you know how it looks. So, here is going to be your heading. This is going to be your sub-heading, your call to action. Click here to start now. If I click on it, it's going to shoot me the opt in form, so we're going to use this one. Close this. We're going to use this one so I'm going to select template real quick, and then ClickFunnels is setting it up for me.

And then what I want to do also is to pick a thank you page while we're at it, a template for the thank you page then I'll come back here and edit the thank you page. But first, let's do something like this. I'm going to select this template real quick. There we have it on ClickFunnels. So, now we have the opt in page and the thank you page.

Let's go back to the opt in page. We're going to edit a little bit the opt in page so that you know what's going on and how to edit all of this. As you can see, everything is movable here, everything is editable. You can edit every piece of content that you see over here.

So, first the logo. It's super important that you have some kind of logo here. It's super, super important not only for branding purpose, but also if you're sending something like PPC traffic, pay per click traffic from Facebook for example. This is also a sign of trust. So, you will have to switch this logo for your own logo.

If you want to change the color for this bar, let's say that you want to make it white because your logo is black or dark, you will click on this wheel right here on the green bar and here on BGcolor, you will switch it to something like gray or white, whatever. But for the time being, let's just put it over here. So, there we have it. We have a black bar with a logo on top.

Now, step number two is to actually change this bar with the content. What I'm going to do is to switch the color a little bit. Let's say that I want to put it, I don't know, maybe green. I don't want to make it too complicated for you guys. Let's say that I want to use this blue, which sucks by the way, so I'm going to use another.

So, then we want to change the header. The header should be strictly benefit oriented. As you can see it's: Discover the Number One Trick to Boost Your Conversion Rates. So, what are we offering here? The number one trick to do what? To boost your conversion rates. And as you can see, this is super, super benefit oriented because people that are actually landing here, they will actually learn or discover rather, the number one trick to boost conversion sales.

And then what's interesting on this landing page is that we have a without. Even without changing a single thing about your landing page. So, you get the benefit and you do not get the trouble. So, you want to add a benefit and then overcome the first objection that comes to mind, which would be, “Okay, I can boost conversion rates, but I'll need to redesign my website.” Here, we're saying that that's not true.

Let's do something like: Learn The 10 Tools Marketers Use to Bring Free Traffic to Your Website. So here, we're going to say Learn the 10 Tools …Let's do famous marketers; Famous Marketers Use to Bring Free Traffic to Their Websites. This is what we're going to be showing.

You will need to be split testing and I'm going to show you how to split test this in a bit to see what's going to work best. But again, this has to be strictly benefit oriented. And here, we're going to do a without. Even if you have no experience or you are a complete newbie. So, Learn the 10 Tools Famous Marketers us to Bring Free Traffic to Their Websites Even if you have no Experience or you are a Complete Newbie. So, here we have the benefit and then we have the sub-headline.

Then what we want to do is to state that this is going to be a free report. As you can see, it says, get started right away. Download the free report. So, “free report” is going to be repeated more than once. I'm going to show you why. And then we have a big call to action. The call to action is going to be this button; click here to start now, and this should be the sore thumb on this page.

So, let's do it orange or something like that. It's the sore thumb on this page. So, as you can see, it's blue, white, black, and here is orange so it's super, super in your face. And then you need to have this; we respect your privacy and have a zero tolerance for spam. You can also link to your privacy policy. It will make it even better. Okay, privacy policy and here is going to be the link to your This is your privacy policy and you want to have this linked right here because again, we want these to be compliant with PPC, et cetera.

And then you need to have this. This is a must, copyright 2016. Let's put and here we have the privacy policy, terms and conditions, and I would also add support, if you have a support desk. If you don't, do not worry. You just put your contact page. So, your This is going to be your support desk for the time being.

Again guys, even if you do not have a support desk, you want this to have the private policy, terms and conditions, and support.

And then we can ditch the “Powered by ClickFunnels”. I'm going to click here and click on the waste bin, and there we have it. So, what we have right here is the header, the sub-header, and then this box. And when we click her, let's see what it does. The URL to the right, the URL action is going to be open. It'll pop up. This is interesting because on some pages, you will see that the email capture or the form is on the page itself.

You can have the form here, but I've discovered and there are studies that says that when people are actually clicking here and actually filling out the form, the are more enticed to actually respond to your emails because they are taking another action. So, this is going to be the open pop up. On ClickFunnels you also have some other templates that we're going to be diving into other videos, but you have other templates that they will have the opt in form right on the page.

But on this page, I just want to open the pop up so I'm going to click here, open the pop up. And then if I click here; show pop up, this is the pop up that's going to appear when somebody clicks here, all right guys? And clicking here and here, it says sign up to get the full course right now. Well, it says free report here, so we want to be consistent. So: Leave us Your Email to Get Access to The Free Report.

And then you want to say full email address. On some cases, people would actually tell you just to click the email. It will depend on the relationship that you want to have with your audience. So, if you're trying to get a relationship, I would rather go with name and email. If you're trying to just collect emails, just go with email, but I'm going to leave this up to you.

And then this is going to be, input type full name or it can be full name. Whatever you want to do, first name, and then your email address is going to be here, input type email address. And here, I'm going to change it a little bit as well. Yes, send me access to the free report, and this is going to be the sore thumb as well so we want to put it in orange. The URL/action is going to be submit form because once they fill this up, they're going to be submitting the form.

So, now we have our landing page ready. The next step is going to be to set up your email autoresponder. I made another video, I'm going to leave a link over here so that you can check out; my two best autoresponder options you would say. They're going to be linked here under the description below.

But what I want to do now is to set up your autoresponder. So, you go to email and here you will put the HTML form. You choose HTML form and then you can integrate an existing form and you can paste the HTML code that your email provider gave you to put it here so that you're actually collecting name and email addresses.

ClickFunnels will also save these, like your name and email addresses on a lead section of the website, but you want them to be landing directly on your autoresponder. Later you can send them a follow up sequence or you can send them a broadcast or something like that. You can send them emails directly from your autoresponder. So, that's that.

And then another thing that I see a lot of marketers, a mistake that I see a lot of marketers making is that they do not change this one right here, my awesome landing pages. The landing page sorry. This looks super unprofessional. So, what you want to do is to go to settings, you want to go to the metatext social settings since here you can change it.

Here I'm going to put something like; download our free report. And as you can see, we have changed it here. Then I'm going to change the descriptions because remember guys, these pages can actually rank on Google, so you want these to be enticing to click. So here, what I want to do is to put something like: Learn the Top 10 Tools Famous Marketers Use to Bring Traffic to Their Websites. Something like that.

Then you can add keywords, your author, your name or your company name and then your social image. Social image is going to be the logo that pop ups when you're sharing this on Facebook, so you can have your logo here, you can have whatever. I'm going to click on save very quick guys so that we move forward to the thank you page.

Just to recap, we have the header, the sub-header, the call to action, the pop up with the opt in form and that's hooked up to your autoresponder. Now, what we want to do is to click on exit once. Let's save this real quick, and then were going to click on exit so that we are completely sure that we're saving. And then what we want to do is to go to the thank you page.

The thank you page again, we're going to tweak it a little bit so I'm going to click on edit page. What I usually do is to send a confirmation link. And once they click that link, they will actually get the PDF. Just so you know, that's how it works. You do not want to put the report here because otherwise people can actually put whatever email or fake email and they will access the report. You do not want that.

If you want to actually collect emails, you just want to send the link to the email, to the PDF sorry, to the report or to the lead magnet via email. That's how you are actually making sure that people are using a real email.

So, what I want to do here is thanks. What I want to do is to put: please check your email for a confirmation link. And here: please allow 10 to 15 minutes for the confirmation link to arrive. You will need to click on it to receive the report. If it doesn't arrive shortly, please check your spam folder. So as you can see, we're telling people be patient.

Be patient, I'm going to send you a confirmation link. This is usually done by your autoresponder automatically. You do not need to actually be manually sending confirmation links. That would be crazy, but this is done by your autoresponder on autopilot. So, every time somebody signs up, they will get an email saying, “Hey, confirm your subscription.” They will click on that subscription, then they will get the PDF. That's set up on your autoresponder.

So, I don't need this button. Instead of having the download now report here, what I want to do is to do something like another call to action like: follow me on my youtube channel and get access to a lot of resources. And then what I want to do here is to URL action. I'm going to put my YouTube channel here for Hernan Vasquez or something like that.

Then share the report with your friends. I do not want to do that because I want people to actually sign up, and then again we need this, your, our all rights reserved, and the terms and services. We're going to link them to the terms of service page. All right, simple as that. Your

So, now we have it. We're going to change this awesome landing page as well so again, settings, metatext. And here what I want to do is to do something like: thanks it worked. Now check your email. Something like that. We do not want this to be indexed on the search engines. I think there's an option over here to actually hide from the search engines, because the thank you page we don't not want that. If anything, we want the other page, the opt in page to be found on the search engines, not the thank you page itself.

So, I'm going to click on save here and that's pretty much it guys. Let's see how it works. Now, what you want to do, if you want to set up your custom domain instead or, these kind of things, what you want to do is to go to help and see the documentation to actually set up your own custom domain. Maybe we can make another video with a step by step on how to set up your custom domain so it's your domain that comes – opt in instead of this.

But for the time being, you can use this URL. And here, it's going to appear, or it should appear my report. So, Learn the 10 Tools blah, blah, blah famous Marketers, the sub-header. Get started right away. Click here to start now. Boom, and he will put name, email, et cetera. Now all you need to do is to set up a Facebook campaign or you can have a banner sending people to this traffic. You can actually promote this on Facebook groups, whatever. Try to not spam of course, but you can do pretty much anything you want now that you have your email capture page.

And what's good about this is that they will get actual value from you because they will get the 10 tools famous marketers use to bring free traffic to their websites. They will get value from you even before you are actually talking to them. I mean, you're not even talking to them and they're getting free value from you. So, you're not selling them anything, you're just promoting free content, which is the gist of it.

So, that's how you create your lead capture page on ClickFunnels. If you have any questions whatsoever, just let me know and we'll make it happen on the next videos.

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