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I'm Hernan Vazquez and today I wanted to discuss copywriting. To be more specific, we are referring to content produced by you.

Copywriting and how to do it right!

When you're producing content, whether it is for your website, your emails, your sales letters, your social media profiles, for your company and so on, you want to make sure that you target the right people at the right time. In this case, the Hispanic communities. 

Now, a lot of companies will translate their content… 

And the problem with that is that direct response copywriting, which is the type of content that you put out there to create a response in your audience to get them to take action into something, needs to connect emotionally with the audience. 

Strings attached…

So for instance, I've been studying the English language, since I was really young. Years later, I worked with the English communities, and a lot of people from the US, and one of the things that comes up, is the emotional connection that you could potentially have with the language. 

There’s a difference from a native speaker, to a non native speaker. 

What that means is that when you're learning a language, there're a lot of emotional cues and emotional connections that go towards learning a language. 

So when acquiring a language, you’ll inherit it from your family and your context. And the emotional connection that is given to you, won’t be there when you're learning a second language.

In my case my second language is English, but for someone who already speaks English, would be Spanish, or any other language. 

What happens, is that you probably don't have that much of an emotional connection with the language.

I'm trying to say that when you're convincing, or persuading somebody to do something, and you're trying to do it on their mother language, you need to understand the little nuances that the language might have. 

A cultural matter…

So, if you want to really be effective, with your persuasion, in your copywriting, specifically, if you're an English speaker of your company, mostly conducts business in English, then you will want to hire somebody, preferably that will speak the language as a mother tongue, in which you're trying to sell. 

Hiring success!

Now, when it comes to when it comes to hiring somebody that will translate your content, and not only translate it, but actually make it better and make it sound good to connect emotionally with the audience. 

There's a huge ROI that you could possibly have, by hiring these people. 

And the reason why is because the Hispanic communities are getting bigger and bigger. Specifically in the US, they're consuming more and more products from companies. 

And so there's a really big ROI that you could have, when going after these communities if you decide to go ahead and connect with them on an emotional level with your content.

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