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[TUTORIAL] Which Facebook Campaign Objective Should You Choose For Your Ads

Facebook Campaign Objectives Explained On this video, We’ll find out which campaign objective should you chose for your Facebook ads. Really tough topic, because when you’re starting with your Facebook ads campaign there are a million and one campaign objectives that you can choose. Personally, I choose three objectives most of the time. Let me […]


[GUIDE] How To Get Unlimited Lead Magnet Ideas

  SUMMARY On this video, we’ll find out how you can get unlimited lead magnets ideas. I suggest two ways of doing it. Let’s see them briefly: Two Main Methods 1) Ask method: Ask your audience what they are struggling with and make a lead magnet around that. You can ask to your list, in […]


[TUTORIAL] How to Use the New Facebook Pixel To Do Retargeting Ads Campaigns

SUMMARY On this video, I’m going to show you how to use the new Facebook pixel to create Facebook custom audiences and how to target them via retargeting aka remarketing. This will go a long way in helping your Facebook Marketing and Facebook Advertising. Facebook Retargeting Pixel As you may notice, Facebook has changed the […]


[TUTORIAL] How to Create The PERFECT Facebook Ad

How create the perfect Facebook Ad This is the free Facebook ad template I created from a lot of man hours and money of live research. When I say live, I was actually running ads and figuring out what worked and what didn’t. I extracted all the correlations and created this template for you to […]


Why Your Conversions suck and How To Fix It

    SUMMARY   Hey, everybody! On this video, let’s find out why your funnel conversions are not working and how to turn that over.   3 main steps to achieve conversions:   1 – Position your brand: A buyer has three stages: COLD, WARM and HOT. They must know your work before buying from […]

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How To Stop The Cold Calling Madness And Get Leads Hunting YOU Down?

Do you want to get notified when I go live? ➡️ Secure your Spot for My Free Masterclass “3 Easy Hacks My Top Clients Use To Instantly Boost Sales By 351.6%… Without Spending More On Ads!”: ➡️ Join my free Facebook ?community here: ➡️ Get my latest book ? “How To Get More […]

How to Become a Traffic Boss

How to Become a Traffic Boss?

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How to Outsource Like a Boss

All You Need to Know About Outsourcing (Video Series)

Hey guys! Hernan here! One of the recurring questions I get time and time again is “How can I have more time?” or “How can I grow my online business?” or “How can I be more productive?“ Well the truth is that we all have a limited set of hours that we can dedicate to […]

My Top 5 Best Podcast List for Entrepreneurs (You Should Be Listening To Them) - Hernan Vazquez

My Top 5 Best Podcast List for Entrepreneurs (You Should Be Listening To Them)

Original Video: Top 5  Entrepreneurial Podcasts My recommendations:– John Lee Dumas’ Entrepreneur On Fire: – Mike Dillard’s Self Made Man: – Digital Marketer’s Perpetual Traffic: – Andy Frisella’s The MFCEO Project: – Derek Gehl’s Entrepreneur Ignited: on YouTube for More Amazing Value!

3 Steps to 6 Figure Sales Funnel (Dead Simple) - Hernan Vazquez

My Sales Funnel Exposed: 3 Steps to 6 Figure Sales Funnels (Step by Step)

Original Video: 3 Steps to 6 Figures Sales FunnelsGet Access to The Sales Funnels GraphicSubscribe on YouTube for More Amazing Value! This is something I always say. Get you there. Do something. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just have to be valuable! ? What do you think? ? Una foto publicada por Marketing […]

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