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The impact of Mobile phone when Reaching Hispanic Communities

Hello, everybody welcome to another article! I’m Hernan Vazquez and I wanted to share with you a useful information that will allow you to reach more Hispanic consumers. Over the weekend I read from a website called PM three agency that Hispanic consumers are heavily mobile oriented.  This means basically, that consumers from all over […]


How To Become More Attractive To Hispanic Consumers

Hey everybody! welcome to another article! I’m  Hernan Vazquez. Today’s topic will be about the importance of putting out your content in Spanish so as to reach more of those Hispanic consumers that are waiting to be served with your products and services. What’s going on behind the scenes of these communities when it comes […]


Reach Millions Of Hispanic And Latino Consumers by Translating Your Content The Right Way

Hey everybody. Welcome to another article! On it, we’ll be learning how to translate your content, for maximum impact. The main point of these articles that I’m sharing with you, is to help you reach more Hispanic consumers. Hispanic Consumers… A constantly growing market We all know that the Hispanic population specifically in the US […]


3 Myths That Are Keeping You Away From Hispanic Consumers

Hey everybody, welcome to another post. I’m Hernan Vazquez and I wanted to share with you the tools that you need to grow your marketplace and your market share in the Hispanic communities, which by the way, are hugely underserved. In this article we’ll explore: Three myths that make you lose potential sales from Hispanic […]


How To Reach Millions Of Potential Hispanic Consumers With Your Products

Hi, Everybody! This is Hernan Vazquez. Welcome to another blog post! In it, we’ll discuss a couple of ideas so you can reach out more of potential customers in the Hispanic communities. Need tools to reach potential Hispanic customers? The reality is that most of the Hispanic communities in the US are severely underserved. While […]


The Type of Facebook Ad Working Now

Would you like to know which type of Facebook Ad is working right now? In this video, you’ll find out the type of Facebook Ad that is actually working across the board. MAIN STEPS TO CREATE THE PERFECT EDUCATIONAL FACEBOOK AD: Write your post  You don’t need to be an excellent copywriter as you’re sharing […]


How To Increase The Value Of Your Clients

THE TWO BASIC THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND TO INCREASE YOUR SALES: 1 – No matter what, keep offering: One big method to consistently get clients, is to keep making offers for your product. 2 – Create an Equity Funnel: To increase the volume of clients, you need to create a funnel. For example, a […]



How to improve your Facebook ads. If you want to stop struggling with your Facebook ads, you should follow these steps below… THREE STEPS TO CREATE SUCCESSFUL FACEBOOK ADS 1- BUDGET: How much money are you spending on your sales funnel? Identify if it’s too much or not enough. 2- TARGETING: To whom are you […]


Selling Your Products Online

SUMMARY In this video you’ll find out what to take into account when it comes to selling your products online. Three main tips that will help you to develop your sales strategy: Don’t expect a high rate on conversion: Give your product time to be known. Take action with the numbers that you have: work […]


How to Get Too Many Clients For Your Own Good

Practice this exercise by picturing you ideal type of client, for that purpose you’ll need to focus on these characteristics:

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