Capture More Hispanic Consumers By Being Mobile Friendly

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I'm Hernan Vazquez and today I wanted to share with you important information about how to be more mobile friendly with your online content, your digital presence, and everything that involves reaching out Hispanic customers. 

As I’ve mentioned once, 80% of Hispanic consumers in the US and Latin America too, but specifically in the US, they are mostly mobile focused.

That means that they use their mobile phones to make a purchasing decision.

And in some cases, they will be even making and doing some research while they're purchasing your products and services. So for instance, if you have a location and people are coming in to your location, a lot of them will actually put up their phones and start doing some research.

So, not only you’ll get them in your location, but also you’ll be selling them in your store as well


You can actually start capturing this Hispanic communities. And not only Hispanic consumers, but also consumers in general.

TIP #1Designing your website

Make sure that your website is mobile friendly. 

By that I mean that it needs to be attractive. Nowadays, there's a lot of technologies that will allow you to make your website mobile friendly. 

Why do you need this? Because if the customer has a rough time going through your website, then you will be losing potential customers. 

So, get your web designer, you may go to a landing page builder, like lead pages or Click Funnels or unbound. 

There is no need to hire a coder to  be mobile friendly at this era.

Now, if you already have a website, you might want to hire a coder anyways, who will do it for you. 

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TIP #2- Speed it up!

People tend to make decisions quicker and faster on their mobiles than on their desktop, or PC.

And the way you leverage this fact is by making sure that your website loads as fast as possible, you only have like three seconds for a mobile visitor to leave. 

So three seconds should be the load speed. 

Let's say you're clicking out of an ad on Facebook or Google, and then your website takes a long time to load that's a wasted click because the advertiser network will still charge you for the fake, but the visitor will never reach the destination because it takes too long to load. 

However, this can be fixed easily by a webmaster or somebody that understands how to make websites faster and lighter and whatnot. 

But have in mind that to be mobile friendly, this is really, really important.

TIP #3- Above the fold…

As I mentioned above, people tend to make decisions faster by mobile, make sure that the call to action that you're trying to convey, whether it is a call now, or get in touch, or maybe schedule a consultation with you, is above the fold. 

That means that people do not need to scroll down to see that button on their mobile devices to understand what you're trying to convey.

If the button says schedule a free consultation, that should be the first thing that people see so as not to scroll down.

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