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Get Paid to Generate Leads For Your Business

SUMMARY Hello everyone! I’m Hernan Vazquez, and today’s topic is about how to get paid to generate leads for your business… How does this work? Imagine that you have an acquisition funnel divided in several steps.  Let’s go over those steps: Step #1 – Low front End Offer This low front end offer which often […]


My Top 3 Facebook Campaign Objectives to Run Now

SUMMARY Hello everyone! I’m Hernan Vazquez and today I will share with you a tip about Facebook campaigns.  It is really important that you choose the right campaign objectives and that you focus on them so as to make Facebook work better when showing your ads.  A bad choice in Facebook campaign objectives might end […]


The Biggest Opportunity in Facebook Ads Right Now

SUMMARY Nowadays, as we all know there’s an increasing cost of running Facebook ads because there are more and more advertisers on the platform every day.  So, the question that we get a lot is “How do you cope with the increasing Cost of Facebook Ads?” Unfortunately, Facebook is a limited inventory platform.  And unless […]


Top 3 Stages For a Great Advertising Campaign

SUMMARY Hello everyone! I’m Hernan Vazquez, and today’s topic is about how to create a great Facebook advertising campaign in just three stages… Stage #1 – Interest Targeting  If you’re just starting out and you’re new in advertising, the first thing that you have to do is just start targeting interests. The interest targeting is […]


Fix Any Facebook Advertising Campaign in 4 Steps

What do you do when your Facebook campaign is not working? Listen as your host Hernan Vazquez tells you how you can diagnose any issues with your Facebook advertising campaign in this episode of Marketing Atlas.  Hernan is a digital marketing trainer and consultant that works with clients and students around the world to increase […]


If Your Advertising Campaigns Are Not Working… Try This!

Do you feel like putting together an advertising campaign is hard? Listen in as your host Hernan Vazquez describes a couple of ways that you can make your advertising better so that it can add value to your business. Hernan is a digital marketing trainer and consultant that works with clients and students around the […]


How to Get More People to Click on Your Facebook Ads

How do you use Facebook call-outs to get people to on your ads? Listen in as your host Hernan Vazquez discusses the essential parts you need to focus on to make sure you are getting optimal clicks on your Facebook Ads page on this episode of the Marketing Atlas podcast. Download a copy of the Facebook Ads Guide 2020 if […]


How To Create Omnipresence In Your Marketplace

SUMMARY Hello everyone!, welcome to another post. I’m Hernan Vazquez and today’s topic is about how to build omnipresence in your marketplace. Now, why would you want to create omnipresence? Because the more you see somebody showing up on your TV screen, on your phone, even on your laptop, they become familiar to you.  So […]


How the Game has Changed for Facebook and Instagram Ads

SUMMARY Not long ago, things went like this: You had an Instagram or Facebook ad, and you’d send people to an opt-in or a free PDF. After that, you had an offer for your potential clients and then, if they wouldn’t buy it, you just send thousands of emails… If you’re still doing it, let […]


How To Get More Clicks On Your Facebook And Instagram Ads

SUMMARY How much do you know about Facebook call-outs? And, how do you use them to get people to click at your ads? Keep reading because today, I’ll answer those exact questions for you… But first of all, why getting more and more people clicking on your ads?  Because your CTR will increase (Click Through […]

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