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Selling Your Products Online

SUMMARY In this video you’ll find out what to take into account when it comes to selling your products online. Three main tips that will help you to develop your sales strategy: Don’t expect a high rate on conversion: Give your product time to be known. Take action with the numbers that you have: work […]


How to Get Too Many Clients For Your Own Good

Practice this exercise by picturing you ideal type of client, for that purpose you’ll need to focus on these characteristics:


Successful Facebook Ads

In this video you’ll find out how to make your Facebook Ads more successful  in just two steps. The 2 Step Strategy For Successful Facebook Ads: The principle of authority: We’re constantly looking for a leader, an authority to follow and people will actually listen what you have to say if you give them something […]


Two Main Strategies For Developing Business

Set up a process: Imagine yourself out of the picture for a moment and try to enumerate all the tasks and steps to create a process. It’s a hard word that will pay you for years to come. And it’ll definitely be a relief when hiring new employees.


How To Launch Products That People Want

SUMMARY In this video you’ll find out how to launch products that people actually want to pay for. Two steps to launch successful products: Do some research: By using services such us Quora, BuzzSumo or getting into Forums or Facebook groups, you’ll actually know what are the people’s needs.   Try the Ask Method: You […]


How To Fix Any Sales Funnel In 4 Steps

SUMMARY In this video you’ll find out how to fix any marketing funnel you just four steps. 4 STEPS to fix a Sales Funnel: There are 4 questions that you need to ask yourself about your funnel: Are people clicking on your ads?: Are people opting in to your lead magnet? Are people clicking on […]


Free Traffic vs Paid Traffic – Which One Is Better?

Free Traffic vs Paid Traffic SUMMARY Hey everybody! In this video we’ll find out if you should focus on growing your free traffic or if you should try to master paid traffic. Reasons why you should focus on paid traffic: Free traffic, isn’t real: There’s no such thing as free traffic, because you’re either paying […]


How To Get Better Digital Marketing Clients

How to get increase the quality of your digital marketing clients. SUMMARY Steps to look for better digital marketing clients: Focus on quality: Think and write about the characteristics that your ideal client should have. They should be easy going, and fun for you to enjoy working for them. They have to be open-minded, so […]



SUMMARY I’m going to show you how to launch a completely brand new website and take it to the next level. 5 Quick tips to launch a brand new website from scratch: Get a branded domain: You can use Namecheap website and install WordPress, which is a website builder,and it’s also a blog builder. Do […]

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