Advertising Is In The Long Play

In this video, you’ll find out why the real money is in the long play.

When it comes to Advertising, you’ll need to have in mind that money won’t come immediately. You’ll have to go through a process that takes time.


People need lots of touching points: They’ll need to start knowing you / your product to actually purchase it. This process takes long time but once you engage them with your product, your business will grow fast.


Create a VIDEO AD: Remember that you have to make this video work without sound. So, you’ll have to add captions to the video.That works really well. In this sense, you’ll hook people with value, testimonials and social proof.  

So, I suggest you keep this in mind and start thinking to improve you video ad on Instagram and Facebook.. Also learn how to create The Perfect Facebook Ad here:

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Alright, what’up y’all. Good morning, happy Sunday or good evening depending on when you’re watching this video or you’re in the world, because we have a lot of people from Australia, I think. And we have a lot of people from another side of the world, which is pretty cool. Let me share this where the Facebook folks so we’re live in YOUTUBE and now, we should be live on Facebook.

If you’re enjoying this live stream, there’s this little button somewhere, you’ll have to find it that will allow you to kind of subscribe or get notified every time I go live. So, let me show you this in the group, because people seem to be liking these posts on the group. I hope you guys can see me.

Alright you guys can hear me, all right okey so, should be good to go. Let’s talk a little bit about time. Timelines when it comes to Marketing. All right, because a lot of the clients that come to me, they come with this specific question in mind like how long I should wait before I get an amount of money back from my advertising marketing and the reality is that there’s this tendency of trying to make money almost immediately when it comes Digital marketing, when it comes to advertising.

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The reality is that’s fine because you’re putting money out there in the marketplace and then you know, sometimes you work most often that doesn’t work, but people are expecting to make a lot of money right there, immediately. And people that realize this type of stuff, otherwise they’re making the big bucks, people that have realized that marketing is a long term play, they make the big bucks.

With marketing and advertising you can build your brand, you can build your list, and get money but the real money is on the long play. When they realize that, it’s when the companies grow pretty much forever and let me tell you an example. Before I tell you that I wanted to match you guys to get a copy of my new book, we had a lot of new buyers, so thank you guys. To get a copy of the book you can go to down there’s a lot of new testimonials which is really excited, so thank you guys for the support.

You guys have been also giving me feedback on how to make it better and the reality is that whenever you you get the book you get access to a member’s area which is pretty cool ‘cause we keep on updating it with new material and whatnot and you get that as a bonus for getting the book. So there’s a lot of little bonuses so if you’re into that type of stuff and if you’re into making more money for your company go ahead and get a copy of the book.

So, let me tell you guys a little story, something funny that happened I think it was this week, I’ve been seeing this ad from some sort of fitness guy he’s ripped, he’s huge and he’s always with his shirt off and he’s making ads on Instagram and these ads have been running for quite a while and whenever you see an ad that has been running for quite a while, that ad has been working really well.

An ad that has been running for months means that that ad is really effective, that’s why they keep on running it. So that’s one of the things you need to pay attention to. But in any case, this guy has been running ads and targeting me for whatever reason. I do workout but I’m not a fitness you know freak, or whatever and you know the funny story is that I’ve been seeing this ad come up on my timeline on Instagram specifically for a long time, like a couple of weeks and at some point I decided to watch the video with audio.

Most of videos will autoplay without sound and you need to click on it to activate the sound. The guy was talking about in how his programs helped people and download free stuff, so I say alright so this guy he had a funny accent like I do, he was saying something and I was thinking, this guy is from Australia, but the thing is that it took me three weeks or four weeks to actually tap on the video to listen what the guy had to say.

There’s a couple of things that we need to understand out of this. Number one, you clearly need to make your video ads for instagram or Facebook to work without audio and you can do that really easily if you make a video add adding captions to it, you know adding headlines from texts to it because the reality is that you need to make them work without sound.

A lot of people will watch them and will actually watch the video without the sound, on Youtube for example right now you have the opportunity to roll out this feature where you can actually watch the video from the Youtube screen without having to tap on the video and whatnot and they play it without sound, you know if you want to play it you need to tap the video and then it’ll take you to the video play with sound.

So, number one make the video ad work without sound, add captions to the video that works really well. Also, I have the theory that captions have this hypnotic effect on people because you’re expecting for the next line and the next and the next right? You’re expecting it to come and it keeps you hooked up for longer to the video. And  the more people who hooked up with the video the higher the engagement rate.

Captions work well because you have no sound but besides that, the main point I’m trying to make is that people will still need a lot of touching points before they even consider your brand. So, they might see you around and this is where most advertising campaigns fail, right? They launch something for 30 days and people don’t buy and they say well Facebook ads don’t work or my stuff don’t work and they need to go back and work.

And that might be the case for your specific thing that you’re trying to do but people still need a lot of touching points to even consider making business with you. So, that is something that you really need to understand. Not just because somebody opts in becomes your best friend instantly right? Not because somebody opts in you can immediately pitch to, so that’s why I really like to put out these lives and deliver value.

You know, the reality is that people will start to know you after let’s say five or seven touching points. They’ll start to know you that doesn’t mean that they will buy from you. They’ll start to know you and this is for the vast majority of folks out there they’ll not buy from your landing page, they’ll not buy on your webinar that’s why retargeting is so important. And giving them extra ammunition for them to buy.

Because at the end of the day what we’re doing here with advertising is that we’re trying to tap into emotions and that’s fine but   once we hook them up with emotions we need to give them ammunition so that they can justify that with logic. So if you have a lot of testimonials that’s ammunition for them to say oh well if a lot of people got results I might have results. That’s something that we’re now using a lot. Use the logic to respond to something that has been emotional for you. If you have ammunitions, if you have testimonials, if you have social proof.

If you have like actual proof that your stuff work, if you have other people talking about how good you are… that’s all ammunition that you need to give people once they have engaged with you that’s why I’m so adamant with retargeting tight of the bat like people ask me when I do start retargeting and I told them immediately like the minute you start cold campaign, you start retargeting campaign. Maybe at a low budget but you start it anyways.

The minute you start getting people going through your funnel, you want to retarget them, all right? So this is a mentality that you need to have. It took me three weeks four weeks to start considering this guy to stop scrolling through Instagram and actually hear what this guy  has to say and you need to have that in mind whenever it comes to advertising and even for the Facebook ads.

We’re in a really distracting environment whenever we’re presenting somebody with an offer from Facebook okey? So have that in mind. That’s one of the things that I explain on my book and you can get it at Go and be able to get a book my book rather not a book the book and you’ll get a lot of value out of it I hope so. And then, there’s also additional stuff that you can add to your purchase they’re there to increase the value that I give you as a customer.

So let’s see if we have any questions any comments. So if you really find this helpful and valuable please like it share it comment whatever you have t do you know I really appreciate all of you guys all of your support and I hope that you guys have an amazing Sunday and I’ll see you guys tomorrow I guess. So, thank you guys for spending some time with me today, I’ll see you guys later, bye bye.

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