5 Reasons Why Your Facebook Ads Are Not Being Approved In 2018!

Facebook Ads Approval


Hey, everybody! On this video, I’ll show you five reasons why your ads are not being approved.

5 Main Reasons Why Your Facebook Ads Are Being Disapproved

1 –  What product are you offering?: Check if you’re promoting something that is either banned or restricted on Facebook. You need to be careful with your wording, with the content on your video or audio. In case you do videos, revise what you're showing in your imagery.

2- Is your landing page a bad experience for people?: Either your website takes a lot to load, it might be offline or it might be that the ads are too clammy. Make sure that you have your privacy policy, your disclaimer, and contact details.

3 – Text issue on images or audios: If you have only text in your ad, it will get disapproved. Try to keep it under 20%.

4- Don’t refer to personal attributes of the viewer: You need to show people that your ads are not referring to any attribute or personal attributes. Otherwise, Facebook policy team simply won’t approve it.

5 – Check grammar: Avoid grammar or spelling mistakes. You need to write properly for your Facebook ads to really work or they’ll get disapproved. Try Hemingway app and Grammarly, and make sure that the text is simple, so as people want to read your ads.

So, If you really want to improve the way you promote your products, I suggest you to revise your Facebook ads and landing page, taking into account these five points mentioned above. I’m sure that you’ll have excellent results.

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Now in this video, I wanted to specifically address the question of why my Facebook ads are not being approved, or why my ads are being disapproved and whatnot.

I wanted to kind of give you five reasons to actually check when you're launching your Facebook ads, because the reality is that Facebook has changed their rules a lot, and I mean a lot over the past, I would say 30 days, and some of your ads that might be running right now, then after a closer review they might be get disapproved. So let's jump into the five reasons why your ads are not being approved.

Now with that said, I also want to invite you guys to the free Facebook group. It's 100 percent free and actually we got featured on one of the top nine Facebook groups for digital marketers that you should check out by ahrefs, so I'm gonna leave a link to that article on the description of this video below, so thank you to the guys in ahrefs, I mean they say it, you should definitely be checking it out.

Why Your Ads Are Not Approved

All right, so let's jump into the five reasons of why your ads are not being approved on Facebook. The main reason, reason number one, is that you might be promoting something that is either banned or restricted on Facebook. You know, here's the thing. I've been having a big influx of people contacting me trying to promote stuff like bitcoin or stuff like CBD oils and stuff like, I don't know, beauty products and whatnot.

Not all of them are completely 100 percent banned. Bitcoin it was banned, but now they put it back on, but some of them might be restricted. By restricted I mean that you need to be super, super careful, like I mean, extremely careful when it comes to what kind of claims you're doing with your Facebook ads and what kind of pictures you're using, etc., etc. 

You cannot promote guns, drugs, hate, I don't know human trafficking, it's just, you know, Facebook is not a one size fits all kind of platform, okay. So you should understand that.

But some products, like financial services, like beauty products, like those type of things, they're really scrutinized by Facebook, okay. So if you have a financial offer or if you have a financial product, that's fine, but you need to be super, super careful with your wording, with your video, audio, in case you do videos, with what you're showing in your imagery.

Again, be super careful when it comes to whatever claims you're doing. Do not use before and after pictures, those are not well received on Facebook. Sometimes it's actually better to find another network to promote your products.

You're giving people a bad experience.

Now, the second reason why your ads could not be approved is because you are giving people a bad experience in your landing page. And by bad experience, I mean that either your website takes a lot to load, it might be offline or it might be the case that the ads or the pace rather is too clammy, again maybe your ads are good, but your income claims are happening on your landing page, or maybe there are a lot of pop-ups and what not, and what Facebook does check for those two things.

They check number one the ad, but they also check the landing page. Facebook will not go further then, for example, a payment gateway, they will not go further than an opt-in form, all right? So, have that in mind. Your landing page that you're sending people from Facebook needs to be compliant as well, you need to have your privacy policy, you need to have your disclaimer, your contact details and all that jazz, so that your Facebook ads will get re-approved. Because again you're kind of abiding the rules on the Facebook side of things, but you're breaking them on the landing page side of things, which is not a good thing.

Number three reason that your ads might not get approved is because of a text issue, on the image or the audio. Here's the thing. There was a, once upon a time, and once upon a time I mean last year which in Facebook terms is like a million years, there was this fact that you couldn't run ads with higher than 20 percent text.

So if you had an ad that was higher than 20 percent text in the image, it will get disapproved and rejected immediately. So, the reality is that this changed. Now you are allowed to run ads with more than 20 percent text on your imagery or videos but, according to Facebook, they will decrease your reach.

Now there is a threshold for that. I think that's 40 percent or something, I think it's above 40 percent, don't quote me on that because I don't remember correctly, but I think it's above 40 percent. If you have only text in your ad, it will get disapproved.

So, it's not about 20 percent anymore, it's about a little bit more, like 40 or 35 percent. So if you're going at that route, your ad might get disapproved. Now if you above 20 percent, there's this … you know your ads might get a little bit less reach, which is kind of debatable because I have some ads out there with more than 20 percent text on them and they're working really really well. So, have that in mind.

Now the fourth reason why your ads might not be approved is because you're referring to personal attributes of the viewer. For example, there's this fine line where you're actually referring to personal attributes like ethnicity or race or religion from the personal viewer and you're actually targeting them.

Like for example, you cannot say, hey Hernan this t-shirt is for you, right? You cannot say that. Or you cannot say stuff like, meet other Christians, or are you a Christian meet other people like you. Stuff like that, you know. Stuff that refers heavily to personal attributes are not gonna be approved, and that's kind of subjective.

Sometimes it's like blatant, you're playing with it really bad, but sometimes it's kind of subjective, because at the end of the day, maybe the algo approves your ad, but then somebody from the policy team, they will disapprove it later one. So it's kind of subjective and you need to show people why your ads are not referring to any kind of personal attributes, etc. So have that in mind.

And last but not least and I know that I have a problem with this, is that grammar, spelling and the whole general idea that you need to write well. You need to write well in order for your Facebook ads to really work. So have that in mind.

You need to check with something like Grammarly, I use Grammarly in conjunction with Hemingway app. Grammarly will allow me to go through all of the grammar, spelling and whatnot and then Hemingway app will allow me to do my Facebook ads a little bit simpler, because you want people to read them and you want to have this in mind that your ads need to be simpler.

To be simple you don't need to use big words and whatnot, so have that in mind. Spelling, grammar, if you have a lot of spelling errors, a lot of grammar, like grammatically or grammar errors, that's a problem right there, your ads will potentially get disapproved.

So there you have it guys. Five reasons why your ads might be disapproved. If you have any other reasons that you want to discuss, I strongly suggest that you post on the comments below, tell me what you think, tell me what kind of reasons you're getting, maybe there's not a reason, maybe sometimes your ads are not getting approved and there's no evident reason for that and if you think that you're playing by the rules, just resubmit it.

But have this in mind, a lot of disapproved ads on your ad account, or if you have like a lot of disapproved ads at once can get your ad account shut down. The reality is that something that you launch today, which is completely abiding by Facebook rules, maybe six months down the road it won't and will get disapproved, because you get your ads deactivated and then you're not running them anymore, but they will disapproved at some point. So it's kind of a tricky system that they have. But anyways, it is what it is, right?

So if you have any questions, go ahead and post them on the comments below and come and join the free Facebook group and tell me what kind of ads are getting disapproved because it's really important that we go through it together and we kind of gather this data, we crowd source this data from Facebook so that we have a good idea on how to make our ads better.

Alright guys, so thank you for watching this video and I'll see you on the next one. Bye bye.

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