My Favorite 5 Free Traffic Sources You Can Use Today

Hey everyone!

Today I wanted to make a quick post about my 5 top sources of free traffic I've been using for the past months with awesome results.

These sources of traffic are mostly free.

However, you need to invest time to make them work.

They are all about positioning, bringing big amounts of qualified traffic and converting them into leads.

And in order to achieve that you need to provide value.

In fact, I've heard before that “Your best content shouldn't be on your blog”.

And that's exactly what we are going to talk about on this episode.

My Top 5 Free Sources of Traffic


Forums are a great way to drive traffic since they gather a lot of people interested in one topic, under one roof.

To find forums to post to, we'll need to do some research on Google:

How to post to forums

Making some “footprint” search we can uncover some forums to post to

Here are some more footprints you can use:

“Powered by BlogEngine”
“Powered by Blogsmith”
“powered by Typepad”
“powered by scoop”
“Powered by PHPbb”
“Powered by vBulletin”
“Powered by SMF”
“powered by Simple Machines”
“powered by punBB”
“powered by expressionengine” “yourkeyword”
“Powered by Tagbox”
“Powered by DRBGuestbook”
“powered by bbPressPowered”
“Powered by PunBB” register.php
“powered by vbulletinpowered”

Source: Black hat World

You can also head here for a huge list of forums to post to.

Some of the good things about forums is that you can provide value, answer questions and leave a link (for the most part) to your page.

free traffic from forums

This is a valuable post I made on Better Networker Forum

Blog Comments

Another powerful and free way of bringing in traffic is blog comments.

However, this needs to be taken seriously and from a value-providing standpoint.

Every time you comment on someone else's blog you need to be insightful and provide further valuable content.

And be respectful of other people's work.

To find good blogs to post to, head to

Alltop blogs

While searching on the bar you can uncover potential blogs to post to

Press Releases

As I've spoken before, press releases are a great way to drive traffic to your site.

They are also an awesome source of backlinks.

So if you want to know more about press releases, head over to this post.


One of the best way of getting your word out there is to be featured in other people's blog.

That's called Guest Blogging or Outreach, and basically means you will providing good content on other people's websites.

This will in return bring in traffic and authority to your business.

I'd look for posts that have lots of tweets, shares and +1s. This usually means the post has a lot of traffic and interaction!

I usually use Buzzsumo for that.

Buzzsumo posts

I would take it a bit further though.

If you want to truly generate a relationship within your industry (which I strongly encourage you to do), you should also invite people to post on your blog.

Like we did with Nicholas Kusmich podcast episode right here.

Guest Posting 1

When looking for, I've made a post for them and you can see it in Google


Guest Posting 2


Niche Hacks Post

This is a post I made for


I love communities like Reddit or

This also applies to Facebook or Google Plus Communities.

When giving away value and sharing on these communities you can gain a lot of traction.

Please remember that the more moderated the community is, the better the content should be.

So don't be afraid to send out your best content to these sites.

And join groups, interact, vote and comment. That's the best way to grow a profile.

And remember you can also join my Facebook community by clicking here.

Here is my profile. It's a bit new but it's already yielding good results!

Here is my profile. It's a bit new but it's already yielding good results!

Further Advice for These Free Traffic Sources

I hope it helps you guys!

Have an awesome day!


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