3 Ways To Get More Leads For Your Business

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The Best Way To Get More Leads For Your Business

Hey everybody!  On this video, you’ll find 3 ways to get more leads to your business.

Let’s check them out:

3 Top Ways You Can Use Right Now To Increase The Flow Of Leads For Your Business

  1. Cold Calling: This is the least effective technique of the three, because it involves a lot of trial and error, effort and little results. This can be frustrating, but if you are starting out (or you want to develop a thick skin), this is the way to go.
  2. Be Helpful On Forums And Groups: I love groups because they are a great place where your potential clients are hanging out. This applies to forums and discussions boards too. If you’re really helpful, you can potentially get a ton of leads and position yourself as an authority.
  3. Create your own funnel: This is my top option of them all, because it will allow you to grow your own list and disqualify people from contacting you at the same time (which is something that you want to do as your pipeline gets filled up).

You can watch the full video above or read the transcript below


Hey guys, what's up? Hernan Vazquez here, welcome to another video. And I'm really excited to be sharing with you guys this video, I have a new setup, I'm trying a new setup to see what's going on, what you like the best. So if you like this setup better, just drop me a comment. If you like the other set up better, with the blackboard, or the whiteboard rather on the background, just let me know.

Now on this video, what I wanted to address real quick are three main ways that you can increase the amount of leads that you're getting. You know, over the past four years I haven't sent a single cold email, or I haven't cold called anyone, and yet I get every day pretty much, or every week I should say, new leads and new people that want to work with me.

In fact, I posted on my Instagram page a little bit ago, how I was getting a lot of leads on a daily basis, even when I was hanging out with friends. And that is something that you might want to implement for your company.                   

So on this video I wanted to go through three main ways that you can implement today to get more leads. Now, the first way that I would recommend that you do if you're not doing it is cold calling. I know that many of you guys are doing it, cold calling, cold emailing. And there's a place and time to do that, don't get me wrong, we have some people doing it on our local agency, we have some people doing it for some [inaudible 00:01:34]. Cold calling and cold emailing, they have their place.                  

I personally do cold emailing, not because I want to get new clients, but for example to get featured on some presentations, and to get featured on some blogs and what not. On those cases, when you do not have the contacts, you need to cold email. And you know, the reality is that it's a low success rate strategy.

So you want to be really aware of that with your energy and the amount of results that you're getting, and you want to manage expectations with your own mind if you would. If you're expecting to send 10 emails, or call 10 people and getting 10 new clients, let me tell you, you're going to be disappointed because people they haven't heard about you, they do not know who you are, there's a trust issue. They're probably getting a lot of that on their end.

So I would say it's the most high energy, most frustrating way, the least effective way of getting new leads. So that's number one, again, there's a place and time to do that. If you want to do that, go ahead and do that, and I will give you a lot of grit, it will increase the thickness of your skin if you would. So if you're starting out, it's probably a good idea to do it.

Now, once you have been around for a little bit, the second best way to get actual leads is to be helpful. And I mean this is the most broad sense of the term, meaning if you're really helpful on some specific way, shape or form. And if you're really strategic when it comes to being helpful, you can get a lot of new leads.

For example, if you go out, if you've been having some success due to your cold calling, cold emailing, or you have been having some success with your clients, you want to replicate, and you want to actually be helpful with people on, for example, LinkedIn groups, Facebook groups, even if you're in your chamber of commerce. And those places where you could actually get some new clients, like for example discussion boards, discussion forums.

And being helpful pays a lot, because there are basically three ways of getting a new client, and making a person think that you're awesome. Number one is telling them “Hey, I'm awesome.” Number two is getting someone else to tell that person “Yeah, he's awesome,” which is called social proof, which works.

But number three is to show them that you're awesome by actually being awesome right now. And what I mean with that is you're telling them that your service or product will help them, by actually helping them right now.

In fact, we are the testimonial that [inaudible 00:04:04] has been growing super, super quick, super rapidly, thanks to one of the main avenues of being helpful, which has been the Hamday Hangout, which is our digital marketing and SEO Q&A, that we do every Wednesday 3PM Eastern. And there's going to be a link somewhere that you can register, and you can come and ask question. It's completely for free.

So being helpful, long story short, being helpful pays out. If you're there on Facebook groups being helpful, helping people, answering questions. If you start hosting your on Facebook group, or your own LinkedIn group around your expertise, that also works really, really well.

And number three, which is my favorite, combined with number two, number three is to create your own funnel. When you have your own funnel, you can start capturing call leads, and indoctrinate them in a way that by the time they talk to you on the phone, they are already warmed up and ready to talk to you, and are ready to work with you.

What I mean with that is that when you have your own funnel, you can actually advertise, or you could have referrals going through that funnel so that A, they're better qualified by the time they talk to you, and B, you're weeding out all of the tire kickers.

Like, for example, I get this a lot. When I'm on my Facebook group, when I'm on the premium newsletter, whatever, I get a lot of message, I get a lot of people trying to pick my brain and what not. Or trying to hire me. And what I do is to make them go through that funnel, which could literally be just download this, read it, and then apply here. And on the application form it's a really disqualifying process, meaning I try to be as clear as possible with expectations, and also with budget. So the budget that you need to work with me is X, Y, Z.

And when people do not have it, they can just opt for other offers, or other products, like my mastermind, or my premium newsletter, whatever fits their budget. What I really love about funnels is that, again, you can be collecting emails, and leads, and people wanting to talk to you, pretty much 24/7, even when you're hanging out with friends, when you're out there traveling. That has allowed me to have the lifestyle that I have today.

I'm in South America right now, but probably … You know what, in two weeks I'm going to be in the [inaudible 00:06:10] live, and then I can travel all over the place. I decided to be here for my family and what not.

So the reality is that there's no limit to how many leads you can get, while with the other two, cold calling it depends on how many hours and how many people you can cold call in a day before quitting, or before saying screw this I don't want to know anything about this anymore. Or B, when it comes to being helpful, it's more an inbound process, so you cannot control that.

Now, here's the thing, when you combine number two with number three, being helpful with actually have a funnel, then you have a killer way and a killer funnel to get more leads to your company. Whatever you're doing, if you're a coach, if you're a consultant, if you're trying to increase the amount of revenue that you're getting, those two things alone will help you a lot.

Again, cold calling, cold emailing works at some point. Again, I would strongly suggest that you do so. I started doing so and it got me a lot of new insights on the market place and what not. But once you have some experience, you can start being helpful, and you can develop your own funnels.

So, that's the three ways that I have to share with you guys today. There's a lot of other ways, and a lot of other good stuff on my free Facebook group, which is, again, completely for free. You can join by clicking on the link below in the description somewhere around here. And, if you really want to build your funnel effectively, whether you're selling ecommerce, you're selling info products, you're selling your services, or your time, I would strongly suggest that you get a copy of my book Perpetual Profits, and there's also going to be a link around here so that you can get it.

Again guys if you have any questions whatsoever come and ask them on the Facebook group, and I'll see you on the next video. Bye bye.

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