3 Simple Steps to Focus on Your Business and Stop the Overwhelm

Hey guys!

While the internet guys are fixing my connection, I had some time to write a couple of lines about the importance of focus and overwhelm.


It dawned on me today, while I was still ranting and furious about not being able to connect and check my Facebook ads campaigns, that I don’t need to do everything.

In fact, there are just a handful of things that I need done, every day, in order to stay productive (not just busy-active).

It’s the typical difference between working hard vs working smart, but do we all apply that?

I sure don’t!

Or at least until today, when hopefully I will be facing a much more productive stage of my life.

How to increase productivity

And being creatures of habits, there are just a handful of habits we can change in our super connected lives, in order to stay on track and focused on growing our businesses.

I wanted to share with you my decisions and habits I’m planning to change moving forward, hopefully to stay accountable and to inspire or help you guys achieving the same.

The importance of Focus

We are all talking about how successful we want to be and how we want to build a profitable business.

But the reality to that is that we need to FOCUS.

And one of the most dangerous enemies of today’s entrepreneurs is Overwhelm, or lack of focus.

We have access to tons of information, each and every day, and there is a danger implied in that.

In fact, the majority of the most successful entrepreneurs that I know spend hours and hours working on their projects, and they are hardly reached at by the classical means (Facebook chat, Skype chat, Email, etc).

And there is a reason for that.

Not because they are assholes that they don’t want to answer your messages.

In fact most successful people are pretty down to Earth and easy going, eager to help.

They don’t answer those messages because they are simply NOT DOING THEM.

They don’t do Facebook chat, they don’t do Skype chat, they don’t do Email!

At least not in the way the rest of us mortals do.

They have specific times in the day where they get to check them out, of course.

But their time is so precious than they dedicate the vast majority of it into growing their businesses and enjoying their success.

And How can We do the Same?

So here are 3 simple steps that I will take from now on to ensure I’m always moving forward in the direction of my dreams (and avoid overwhelm and stress while I’m at it).

  • Step 1: Limit the access to communication – I’ll check Skype, Email and other forms of chat twice a day, at definitive set of times (I’m thinking at 12 PM and 5 PM). This also includes Facebook groups, Twitter timelines, etc. I will have a hot line for urgent matters but that’s basically it.
  • Step 2: Invest in personal growth – I’ll spend at least 1 to 2 hours a day, during working hours, reading an Entrepreneurship book, listening to a podcast or watching inspirational Interviews. I’ll usually do this first thing in the morning so I start my day with the good vibes that I need.
  • Step 3: Write my top 5 priorities for next day – I’m usually using Evernote for this, and they should be written the day before. This will allow me to move forward and build the foundation of a successful business, one step/day at a time. This was inspired by Mike Dillard and I strongly recommend you do the same!

The main idea here is to be less reactive and more proactive, and focusing 100% on growing my business and my career.

What do you guys think? Do you feel the overload? What can you do stop it?

Also, if you guys enjoy these types of posts let me know and I will keep them coming.


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Have a great (productive) one!


80 20 Rule pareto principle.

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