3 Reasons Why People are Afraid of Advertising

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Hi Everyone! I’m Hernan Vazquez, and today I’d like to share with you the 3 main reasons why people are still afraid of advertising.

#1 – Not MAGIC!

People tend to think that Marketing is a magic bullet..

Just by publishing your product on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube will start working right away.

That’s not the case….  98% of Ads campaigns do not work. That’s the reason why people get frustrated and they just abandon advertising.

#2 – Fake promises…

Come people claim that they can run ads and grow your business… 

However, they can’t. 

Don’t throw thousands of dollars away, because some of these advertisers had taken a course and they preach their services but they’re not capable of doing this.

#3 – Is your product sellable?

Most entrepreneurs think that they have a good idea that’ll sell. But… Is it?

Advertising doesn’t lie. If your product is not good, Marketing will tell you the truth and you won’t sell it.

Sometimes it happens that you have a great product that is sold by itself, without any marketing or advertising. 

Instead, a bad product can’t be sold even with the best Marketing campaign.

So, keep these tips in mind, reflect on what you have to offer and advertise. I’m sure you can scale your business.


There's a couple of things when it comes to sharing stuff on Facebook groups.

When you're putting your product out there, when you're putting your face out there specifically, when it comes to a personal brand like mine, or whoever it is out there growing a personal brand, one of the things that creates a lot of traction and creates a lot of buzz around your name is controversy, like controversy really, really sells and for instance, on Facebook, just from the mechanics of how Facebook works. 

I posted today a post on a group, an awesome group of SAS founders, and I posted there and I was I started my posts by saying Why are all of SAS founders scared of advertising? That was my post, right? And of course, it rattled the cage because a lot of people were out like, you know, calling me out saying that I was trying to sell them something which I wasn't, and I'm not. I'm, you know, blessed enough to be in a position right now that I can really afford to help People just for the sake of before to help them. And you know, and not needing to get clients and all that otherwise I wouldn't be doing this, we're doing some other stuff, just from the mechanics of how Facebook works. Facebook kind of rewards the fact that you're being controversial. 

Because Facebook, if you want to start getting some clout or some traction in a niche, or in a group or whatever, you need to start getting shares, likes comments, you know, you need to start getting clicks. And the same happens with Instagram. And same happens with pretty much every social network at this point, the more comments and more shares the more likes you get, basically, the more people see your stuff, and that's exactly why they what I did, but I was really asking them about like, why are you guys afraid of advertising? And of course I get it like some of those people in that group started saying, Listen, there are basically two or maybe three things that are making these founders really edgy about advertising. 

The first one is that they think that advertising or marketing is a magic bullet. Right? They think it's just like Putting the product out there in marketing Instagram or Facebook or Twitter or whatever, like what type, whatever type of advertiser or even Google or YouTube, they're going to fix all of their advertising all of their, you know, SAS problems. And that's hardly the case. In fact, I think that if you launch a campaign, it starts working right off the bat is usually called a miracle. It stops being a campaign campaigns, I would say, 98% of campaigns, they do not work right off the bat. And that's cool. 

That happens. But what happened is that, you know, when you're trying to do it yourself, you launch a Facebook campaign, you launch an Instagram and Google YouTube campaign and it doesn't work, then you're saying, well, advertising doesn't work, let's do something else. That's wait six months for our, you know, our articles to rank on Google a couple months for our traction to begin some other places. So that's number one. Number two is that unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there that are preaching that they can run ads or their preaching that they can grow your business that they are not capable. Doing it, they don't have the track record. 

And you know, you ask them two or three questions. And unfortunately, they don't know how to do it. They just took a course. And now they're preaching their services, which, you know, it's whatever. But unfortunately, there's a lot of founders that come through these advertisers and hire them sometimes for thousands of dollars a month, and they get nothing in return. So that's something to be aware of. And number three is one of the biggest problems is that a lot of entrepreneurs they just know or think or believe they have a great idea. And advertising doesn't lie. If your offer is really bad, if your product is really bad, if your idea is not good, nobody will buy it so the market doesn't lie. 

That's a hard pill to swallow. The reason why is because some people would rather keep their idea to themselves and think in their minds. Oh, well, if I don't advertise and know how to prove anyone wrong, right. And they will never advertise because of the handling. We'll never put the idea or the product out there. And this doesn't necessarily goes or appeals only to, to SAS founders, but to pretty much any entrepreneur out there. And if you advertise, and you don't get any sales, then who is to blame? Like most people will say, well, it was the advertising, or it was my targeting on Facebook, or who wants my ads and YouTube or it was the people that I've hired. 

And you know, sometimes like I would say, you can get away with a great product that sells itself right, you can get away with a great product, a great offer with crappy advertising, and mediocre marketing. But not even the best marketing in the world will sell a crappy product or will push a crappy offer. So that is something to consider those three things basically opened my mind and said, Okay, well, now I have a case. And now I can go about talking to these guys and telling them hey, listen, this is what you need to do when your ads do not work. This is what you need to ask before, you know hiring an agency. 

And this is what you need to do if your offer sucks. What do you do you pivot, you launch something else? And what if that doesn't work, then you launch something else. And if that doesn't work, then you launch something else. That's why, you know, I talked a lot of times about the potential of testing and selling before you build. That's the whole idea of marketing validation phase, because you might wake up tomorrow with a great idea for a new product or service or a software. And you know, you spend thousands of hours and on some cases, thousands of cases 10s of thousands of dollars developing and you turn around and nobody wants it. And the reason why that happens is because how do you know the market really wants it? Well, you sell it first, you build it later, which is completely fine. 

As long as you're open with your colleague and saying, Hey, guys, I'm building this waiting list. This is an idea. This isn't even a thing. yet. Would you pay for an idea and guess what a lot of people will be That's why Kickstarter works. That's why you know, those type of companies that you're basically paying for an idea, it's something that is not there yet. They're printing designs and a really nice video on a really nice idea. And that's how you validate it. That's why it's called Kickstarter, you know, because you Kickstarter, you don't have to spend thousands of hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising lead, there's a lot of power in small $5 a day campaigns, a lot of power. Okay. 

And there's some options in the Facebook advertising platform specifically, that allow you to get a lot of data in a small period of time, you know, and you don't have to spend $1 a click or $2 a click, you can get a lot of traction with a lot less. If you have any questions throughout the next couple of days. Feel free to post them in marketing Atlas show.com I will be more than happy to help you guys out with your questions. And I'll see you guys really, really soon. Have an amazing amazing rest of your week. Bye bye.

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