2 Tricks To Increase Your Social Media Traffic Without Spending More Time Managing It

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Hey guys!

You may know already that in order to have some more social media traffic, you need to be everywhere.

Gary Vaynerchuk recommends being a pioneer when it comes to creating social media traffic.

Of course, unless you have a Media Outlet agency like he does, or a small army of Social Media Managers, that's kinda hard to pull off.

However, you can still be everywhere at the same time leveraging on two main strategies:

Content Repurposing and Automation.

Click on the Play button to learn how to use these for your business!

Key Points of the Episode

  • You need to be everywhere if you want to succeed in social media.
  • Some social networks will fit your business more than others, while some fit most of niches.
  • For content repurposing, you can head over to Episode 22.
  • For automation I use IFTTT, but there are other tools.

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