How to Make $10,000 by Sending 4 Emails and Keeping your Subscribers Happy in the Process?

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Hey guys!

Today I wanted to bring some results from the last weekend.

For the past 3 days we sent our email list 4 emails: one on Friday, one on Saturday and two on Sunday.

About the opening of a new SEO course (SEO de Resultados) from my Spanish SEO company.

And the results were plain amazing.

Not only we made $10,000 in revenue by sending just 4 emails.

But we also filled half of the subscribers that we are allowing for this edition.

We want to make it as exclusive as possible, since we also answer live Q&A calls every week.

So we need to keep it tight and small, to provide every student the best value for it.

But the main takeaway of this episode is how you can combine growing your authority by sharing 1 hour a week.

With the fact that you need to start building your email list today.

And if this works in the Spanish niche, where people are usually a bit less responsive to online sales.

It has also worked for me in some finance niches. It can pretty much work for any niche, in any industry.

Let's see how we managed to pull it of.

Authority + Email List = WIN

As I've been talking on this post and this one, there is a huge opportunity out there.

For those that don't want to take shortcuts and want to actually put forth the effort of building themselves a name in their industry.

It all comes down to having a great email list and showing great respect for your subscribers.

Also, leveraging on the power of One Hour a Week, you can increase your subscribers tenfold.

Over the past 15 weeks we've been doing a live SEO Q&A session called SEOLunes.

Which is a spin-off of our current Humpday Hangouts from Semantic Mastery.

Even when the audiences and cultures are different, they both work extremely well!

So basically we decided to reopen another edition of SEO de Resultados (our advanced SEO course in spanish) and just let people know.

We also came up with an exclusive deal for subscribers.

And the scarcity that it would only last for a weekend.

The results were amazing!

And you can make it happen, doesn't matter what industry you are in.

So basically you need to get out there and do three simple things:

  1. Build your Email List. You can start with the Guide about Lead Magnets I lay out here.
  2. Give away value one hour a week. Figure out a way to actually reach out to your audience and solve their problems, for free!
  3. Keep building your trust and rapport with your email list every day and every week.

Remember guys, there aren't any shortcuts for those that want to build a successful business.

Good news are that you can make it happen too!

Have an awesome day!


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